F650 Service Bulletins FAQ

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This FAQ contains a list of the known BMW service bulletins. If you suspect your bike has a problem specified in a particular bulletin, you should probably check with your local dealer. Where possible links to relevant FAQs on this website have been provided - these FAQs often contain more comments on particular problems.

Note: Please Don't Simply Download All the TSBs!
Please do not simply go though and grab a copy of the service bulletins! BMW could easily come down like a ton of bricks because we have these here. (We will happily remove them should BMW Corporate request they be removed). Hopefully these bulletins help BMW dealers and mechanics identify problems - not just the riders of F650s / G650s, and encourage more people to purchase the F650 and G650 models.
Service Bulletins and affected VINs
More recent 2007 service bulletins from BMW NA indicate a range of VINs affected by a bulletin. However they also comment this VIN range is not explicit. In other words even if your bike is not in the range specified by the bulletin, and it exhibits the problem, contact your dealer.

Classic Service Bulletins

Date Number Model Title Relevant FAQs
1998 2855 (All) SJ engine Oil - Not Approved  
24-Sep-1996 46-010 F650 F650 Engine Protection Bar Set  
24-Sep-1996 46-012 F650 F650 Integrel Case Set  
24-Sep-1996 46-013 F650 F650 City Case Set  
24-Sep-1996 46-014 F650 F650 Inner Top Case Bag / 22 liter  
14-Oct-1996 61-004 F650 Power Accessory Socket Kit  
15-Oct-1996 65-004 F650 Alarm System  
15-Oct-1996 32-001 F650 / ST Hand Protectors  
15-Oct-1996 46-011 F650 / ST Case Holder Mounting Set  
15-Oct-1996 46-015 F650 / ST Integral Case Inner Bags  
15-Oct-1996 46-016 F650 / ST 22 Liter Top Case  
15-Oct-1996 46-017 F650 / ST Top Case Mounting Kit  
30-Oct-1996 00-010 F650 / ST F650 / ST Service / Maintenance Parts  
03-Apr-1997 51-004 F650 / ST Locks and Keys for F650 / ST - MY 1997 Onward  
01-May-1997 46-019 F650 F650 Chassis Lowering Modification Kit  
06-May-1997 2767 F650 Chassis Lowering Modifications Instructions  
Jul-1997 17 01 97 (766) F650 / ST Coolant temperature warning light  
18-Nov-1997 2778 F650 / ST Coolant Temperature Warning Light  
16-Dec-1997 71-021 F650 / ST New Removable Top Case  
16-Dec-1997 71-023 F650 / ST New Tank Bag w/ Rain Cover  
Apr-1998 11 079 98 (798) F650 BMW F650, faulty camshaft sprocket mounting  
04-May-1998 2820 F650 Technical Hold (cam sprocket bolts)  
Oct-1998 11 083 98 (813) F650 Reusability of valve-cover gaskets  
21-Apr-1999 2885 F650 / ST Adjusting Steering head bearing clearance  
01-May-1999 2888 F650 / ST Rear Wheel Brake Overheating  
22-May-2000 23 001 00 (008) F650 Shift shaft shim  
20-Aug-2000 2750 F650 Special Tools / Manuals & Charts  
Model Title Relevant FAQs
F650 Workshop instructions - Chassis lowering kit F650  
F650 Hand protector retrofit kit  
F650 Locking cylinder for ignition key central locking  
F650 Workshop insturctions - Retrofit Kit Anti-Theft Alarm System  
F650 Retrofit kit for capacity alteration for F650  
ST Anti-theft system Radio remote control  
ST Hand protector retrofit kit for F650 ST  
ST Retrofit kit engine safety bar for F650 ST  
ST Retrofit kit tank rucksack for F650 ST  
ST Retrofit kit windshield and touring handlebars  

FI Service Bulletins

Date Number Model(s) Title VIN(s) affected Relevant FAQs
25-Apr-2000 06-004-00 (023) GS Dakar Special Tools    
07-Jun-2000 00 002 00 (025) GS Dakar Revised Information   History and Differences
19-Sep-2000 16-002-00 (036)r GS Dakar Recall 00V-267: Fuel tank replacement GS: ZE45000 - ZE45438
Dakar: ZF70000 - ZF70232
GS Fuel Tank FAQ
01-Feb-2001 13-001-01 (006) GS Dakar
(Single Spark)
Driveability Issues   Surging and Stalling
Hard Starting / Poor Running
May-2001 33-001-01 (013) GS Dakar Recall 01V-047: rear brake caliper bracket (USA) GS: ZE45010 - ZE45821
(USA) Dakar: ZF70000 - ZF70362
(AUS) GS: ZE30694 - ZE42484
(AUS) Dakar: ZF60130 - ZF63743
Aug-2001 71-01-2001 (017) GS Dakar Single Seat   Aftermarket Seats
Sep-2001 13-003-01 (022) GS Dakar
(Single Spark)
Driveability issues (2)   Surging and Stalling
Hard Starting / Poor Running
Jan-2002 34-004-01 (034)r GS Dakar Speed sensor mounting point/wheel cover modification GS: ZE46977 - ZE47031
Dakar: ZF70945 - ZF70953
Fuel Injection FAQ
Speedo Sensor FAQ
Nov-2002 27-002-02 (039) Dakar New tightening torque for chain thrust roller   General Chain FAQ
Nov-2002 31-001-02 (043) Dakar Replacement of bolt in the fork stabilizer Dakar: ZF71369 - ZF71401  
Mar-2003 17-001-03 (012) GS Dakar Installation of aftermarket radiator guards   GS Radiator FAQ
Overheating FAQ
Mar-2003 31-001-03 (013) GS Dakar Fitting front fork gaiters   Forks - Aftermarket FAQ
Overheating FAQ
Apr-2003 Unknown GS Dakar Replace coolant pump drive pinion GS/Dakar: ZF71624,
ZF71628, ZF71629
Water Pump Seal Repair
Overheating FAQ
Jul-2003 46-003-03 (033) GSL Models with lowered suspension option   Shocks - Aftermarket
Lowering Kit FAQ
Oct-2003 11 002 03 (065) GS Dakar CS Torque values changed for engine block,
engine cover and cylinder head
  Engine - Misc
Nov-2003 [fake] All Fake Bulletin - Good for a laugh    
Jan-2004 13 001 04 (012) GS Dakar Inspection/Replacement of air filter GS: ZL40003-ZL40344
Dakar: ZL45002-ZL45159
Air Filter FAQ
Jan-2004 06-001-04 (001) (All) BMW Motorrad Diagnostic System CD 13.1   Fuel Injection FAQ
Mar-2004 46-004-04 (024) GSL Center stand when fitted with lowered suspension GS: ZE48146 - ZE48695 Shocks - Aftermarket
Lowering Kit FAQ
Mar-2004 00-002-04 (006) (All) BMW Motorrad TSD and KSD 2 CD Package   Fuel Injection FAQ
Mar-2004 00-003-04 (021) (All) New software package for BMW Motorrad Group Tester One (GT1)   Fuel Injection FAQ
Apr-2004 01-09-2004 (039) GS Dakar GS Dakar Service and Accessory Parts    
May-2004 13 003 03 (051) GS Dakar
(Single Spark)
BMS-C control unit / fuel injector valve combinations GS: pre ZE46081
Dakar: pre ZF70476
Fuel Injection FAQ
May-2004 61-006-04 (047) GS Top Cover of Fuse Box    
Jul-2004 46-009-04 (063) GS Dakar Lid of Expandable Side Case    
Aug-2004 36-003-04 (076) GS Dakar CS Approved Tires    
Oct-2004 00 020 04 (094) CS GS Modification to Maintenance Schedule    
Nov-2004 71-08-2004 (065) GS Dakar Tall Windshield and Spoiler Screen    
Nov-2004 71-17-2004 (111) GS Dakar
(Dual Spark)
Top Case    
Nov-2004 13 004 04 (107) CS GS Dakar
(Dual Spark)
Poor starting; engine shuts off; poor response
when clutch is engaged after selecting gear
GS: pre ZL40815
Dakar: pre ZL45268
CS: pre ZM50299
Hard Starting / Poor Running
Feb-2005 11 002 05 (015) GS CS Overfilling engine oil / engine damage   Oil Change FAQ
Air Filter FAQ
Nov-2005 US 5056875-01 GS/Dakar/CS? Various faulty displays in the instrument clustor or engine misfiring   Fuel Injection FAQ
Hard Starting / Poor Running
Apr-2006 34-002-06 (019) All Brake fluid renewal intervals   Brake Maint. FAQ
Aug-2006 16-001-06 (039) GS Dakar Check of fuel-pump return port GS: ZL42361 - ZL42626
Dakar: ZL45874 - ZL45922
Fuel Tank FAQ
Fuel Pressure FAQ
Sep-2006 00-020-06 (058) GS CS Dakar BMS-C II fuel injection software update / new decompression lever Unclear Fuel Injection FAQ
Oct-2006 23-001-06 (061) GS/Dakar (possible) Gearbox rattle GS: ZL41548-ZL41935
Dakar: ZL45643-ZL45777
Strange Noises FAQ
Mar-2007 46-004-07 (012) GS/Dakar Recall: Replacement of frame bottom section
(Possible failure of sidestand weld)
(US)GS: ZL42675-ZL42880
(US)Dakar: ZL45996-ZL46096
GS Frame/Fairing FAQ
Jun-2007 21-002-07 (032) GS/CS Dual Spark Clutch; poor diengagement Possibly up to Jan 2007  
CS Specific
Jan-2002 06-002-02 (009) CS Initial Tool Package    
Mar-2002 16-001-02 (010) CS Charcoal canister inspection (Early production)  
Mar-2002 01-02-2002 CS Parts/Accessories Information    
May-2002 34-003-02 (022) CS Recall: Threaded fasteners, rear brake caliper CS: ZH15000 - ZH15539  
Jul-2002 00-002-02 (027) CS Replacement interval for drive belt    
Nov-2002 01-12-2002 (065) CS Initial Tool Kit    
Sep-2003 18-002-03 (059) CS Muffler slipping off mounting bracket CS: ZH15000 - ZH16167  
Oct-2003 27-002-03 (063) CS Wear of shock absorbing elements in rear belt drive    
Mar-2004 23-002-04 (025) CS Ball End Working Loose on Gearshift Lever CS: ZH15001 - ZH15607  
Apr-2004 27-001-03 (005) CS Recall 02V-190: Rear belt wheel cracks
Recall 02V-191: Front belt wheel not correctly secured
(USA) CS: ZH15000 - ZH15588
(USA) CS: ZH15000 - ZH15838
(AUS) CS: ZH00001 - ZH08274
(AUS) CS: ZH00002 - ZH10321
May-2004 16-002-04 (009) CS Advance Notice of Recall:
Possible Fuel Pump Flange Leak
CS: ~ZH15000 - ~ZH16559  
May-2004 16-002-04 (009) CS Recall 04V-236 - Installation of fuel pump flange cap CS: ~ZH15000 - ~ZH16559  
Oct-2004 33-002-04 (089) CS Torque Specifications Eccentric Clamp Connection    
Oct-2004 65-004-04 (086) CS Vibration damper for audio system    
Nov-2004 71-16-2004 (110) CS Stuffbay Cover    
Jul-2005 34-005-05 (026) CS New threaded fastener for rear brake caliper    
Model Title Relevant FAQs
All Universal Bright Brake Light Kit  
GS Softbag for luggage rack  
GS Softbag for Single Seat  
GS Retrofit Kit Case Bracket  
GS Retrofit Kit On-Board Computer for F650GS  
GS Retrofit Kit Holder for BMW Motorcycles Navigator  
GS Tarp for F650GS  
CS Carbon Engine Spoiler  
CS Hardbox  
CS Helmet Lock  
CS Retrofit Kit for Anti-theft alarm 5.1  

G650X Service Bulletins

Date Number Model(s) Title VIN(s) affected Relevant FAQs
12-Feb-2007 US-7882810-01 All Socket polarity reversed (pins of wiring harness connector) Unknown G650X Electrical Misc FAQ
20-Mar-2007 US-8178850-01 XChallenge G650Xchallenge level guage ("spirit level") unusable Unknown G650X Frame / Fairing FAQ
Apr-2007 16-001-07 (015) All Replacing Wiring Set for Fuel Pump Unit XCountry (0194): XB20000-XB20172
XChallenge (0195): XB40000-XB40273
XMoto (0197): XB60000-XB60319
G650X Fuel Tank FAQ
May-2007 00-007-07 (020) All Chain Sag Changed All  
May-2007 00-011-07 (027) All Reading the Oil Level (dipstick) on G650 (K15) models Owners manuals up to ~May 07 G650X Oil Change FAQ
Jun-2007 16-002-07 (029) All Engine test run to check the fuel hose Unknown / up to mid-June 2007 G650X Fuel Tank FAQ