GS/Dakar Documentation FAQ

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Last updated: 25 August 2006, by Winter #1935


These pages contain documentation specific to the GS/Dakar. Please also check the GS Documentation Index for documents such as service data.

Section 1: Importing

What about if I buy a Canadian or German Bike? (and bring it into the US?)
by DHP#711

Not an expert on the subject but have dealt with it quite a bit and talked to people like BMWNA about it.

Regulatory stuff

German F650 to US Legal:

More Info from customs

Doing anything like this is definitely the epitome of penny-wise pound foolish.

Section 3: Electrical Diagrams (Reworked)

edited by Kristian #562
Thanks go to Haakon and Mr. Anonymous for making these EASY to read.

NOTE: These diagrams MAY contain errors, as they have been reworked from the Originals.

Index Pages (10, 11, 12)

The Redrawn Electrical Diagrams (pdf files):

The lot, in one zip file (500 Kbytes):

Section 3: Recalls

Please check the Service Bulletins FAQ for other possible recall information and relevant VINs for those recalls.

You can also refer to the websites in the main index under the heading "Recalls".

Section 4: Service Bulletins

A list of BMW service bulletins can now be found in the Service Bulletins FAQ.