GS/Dakar Airbox and Filter FAQ

compiled & edited by Kristian #562; Scott, ID, #1244
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Last Updated: 30 December 2006, by Winter #1935

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The airbox and air filter play an important role on your fuel injected F650. The airbox helps to reduce the noise generated by your engine, but more importantly filters the air - i.e. removing dirt particles. On fuel injected models the airbox snorkle (the front part) contains a sensor that measures the flow of air into the engine. This is then used in calculations for the Fuel Injection system.

Warning: Damaged / Cracked Air Filters
Service Bulletin 13-001-04 (012) from Jan 2004 identifies problems with air filters cracking / splitting. Please see the Service Bulletins FAQ for more detailed information. Also check out the Air Filter Installation Trick mentioned below.
Warning: Problems Fitting K&N Filters on 2004-onwards models
There have been several problems fitting K&N air filters on dual spark model GS/Dakars (2004 onwards). If you have a solution, or become aware of an alternative part number, please post a message in the Forums.

GS Airfilter and Cleaning

Where is the Air Filter on the GS & how do I clean it?

  1. Remove the RHS "Faux Tank" Cover.
  2. Remove the connecting Flange (the strip around the Airbox) connecting the "Nosing" or "Snorkel" to the rest of it.
  3. Pull off the Front Nosing i.e. the Snorkel.
  4. Remove the Filter.
  5. Clean with a Vacuum Cleaner and a Soft Brush & Replace.


GS Airfilter Installation Trick


What is the Air box drain tube for?

Where is the Airbox drain tube?

Oil in GS/Dakar Airbox


  1. The Rubber plug in the Airbox that the Upper RHS Oil Tank Bolt goes into can turn in the Rubber Grommet in the Airbox and the Brass insert is pretty thin, so don't over torque it when you do your Oil Change.
  2. The other place where they use a similar arrangement is the Airbox Drain, which leaks oil past the Rubber Seal, down along the outside of the Drain Tube. Great. I couldn't tighten it any either. What's wrong with a cast Plastic Nipple like the Classic?. I've never over-filled the Oil, nor dropped the bike, so oil coming up into the Airbox is a bit of nuisance, especially with that dreadful Drain Arrangement.

A good explanation for this phenomenon is in the Classic Air Filter FAQ under " How does Oil get INTO the Airbox?"

What's the Square Sponge in the K&N Filter

Rubber Grommet/Insert Pulled Out of or Rotates in the Airbox?


How do I remove the Air Temperature Sensor (ATS)?

  1. Remove the RHS Cover.
  2. Locate the ATS under the Airbox about 1/3 of the way back from the front of the Snorkel
  3. Unclip the Wire Spring Clip First (Circled GREEN). Use a wide-Blade Screwdriver or a normal cutlery knife to prise out the spring clip. There is not enough slack in the wires to undo the sensor without doing this first.
  4. Then Unclip the Plastic Spring Clip (Circled RED).
  5. Extract the sensor, which is normally housed in the Airbox.
  6. This picture shows the Air Temp. Sensor STILL in the Airbox.
  7. Extra Photos from Simpco

K&N filters: more air flow but not as efficient - an oxymoron?

Where does the K&N filter insert go?

What happens if I strip the airbox screws?

Air filter sucked in?