F650GS/Dakar Snorkle FAQ

compiled and edited by Kristian #562
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Last Updated: 30 December 2006, by Winter #1935

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Modifying your airbox snorkel may result in an increase in performance from your bike. Some people experience the increase in performance, others are unsure, and yet others think there is no noticable increase. One purpose of the airbox is to reduce the noise emitted from your engine, so cutting the snorkel will increase the noise from your bike. Also, with an increase in airflow, the BMS-C / Fuel Injection unit may increase the fuel - possibly resulting in higher fuel consumption.

Warning: Increased Noise may = Un-road Worthy
Depending on the laws in your state / country, the increase in noise coming from your bike may make it un-road worthy. If you are in the middle of nowhere this may not make too much difference except to the Antelope, however your neighbours may complain when you start your bike at 4am for a ride. Come to think of it, you would probably void your warranty with BMW too.


Cutting the Snorkel

BradG#1002 et al

Snorkel Mod #2

by Johan Rodskog

Snorkel Mod #3

by Kristian #562


Comments on Performance

Comments on Water getting into the Cut Snorkel