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" I don't know your riding background, but if you're like the majority of folks, you'd be far better off taking an advanced riding school than spending a couple mortgage payments worth on aftermarket exhausts and trick performance parts. Most folks don't use half of what they've already got. I realize this is heresy and that there's a time-honoured tradition of fiddling with your ride to personalize it, but a lot of times those bikes that have been "upgraded" are really messed up. If you know what you're doing, then a freer flowing pipe, jet kit, airbox mods and so forth can eke out a few more HP and smooth things out a bit, but the dollar spent to HP gained ratio is pretty high and the effect lasts until you get tired of your current bike. Good riding instruction lasts forever. You could also spend the money on good riding apparel. Your call." Mark #58

Well said.

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Aftermarket Fuel Injection Devices (GS/Dakar):




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