F650GS Fuel Tank FAQ

compiled & edited by Kristian #562
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Last Updated: 21 October 2006, by Winter #1935

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Fuel and High Pressure

In case you did not know, fuel/gas/petrol is flamable. So no nekkid flames if you are messing with the fuel tank. If you manage to set fire to your bike, please take a photo so everyone can remember it for ever and ever. Of course if you are sensible you will have appropriate fire fighting equipment in your garage to put out any fires around your bike.

Also note the Fuel Injected bikes (GS, Dakar, CS, G650X) have pressurised fuel lines. When you turn the key to the on positions, one of the sounds you should hear is the fuel pump pressurising the line. Just after you turn the bike off the fuel line will still be under pressure. In other words: If you are removing fuel lines, wait a while (dunno, 24hours?) before removing them, and make sure you remove them outside with your fire equipment and camera nearby.

Running Low on Gas/Fuel/Petrol
On the fuel injected bikes, the fuel is used to cool the fuel pump. Thus the less fuel you have in the tank, the less there is to cool the pump. So running your bike until the fuel runs out is not ideal as you may damage your fuel pump.

My Gas Tank is Split/is Leaking. Is this Common?

Repairing a Leaking Gas Tank

Why does the American Gas Tank contain less Fuel than the European Model?

What is the charcoal filter in the American tank for?

What's the average GS Gas Mileage/Range?

When does the Low Fuel Light come on?

No Petcock? Emptying the GS Gas Tank?

In preparation to ship my bike I was going to use a siphon hose to drain the gas tank on my 2001 F650GS. Are there any other recommended ways to drain the gas tank? Is there a hose that is hidden that I can may disconnected to let gravity do the work. Please remember that this is a 2001 fuel injection bike with the gas tank that is under the seat. Rodger (#1046).

Fuel Light Not Working?

Fuel Light Coming On Early?

Does the OEM tank have an overflow?

Yes. On the left side of your bike there should be a small tube coming out near the center stand. This tube runs up to the highest point of the tank. If you remove the seat you should see the overflow pipe running up to the tank behind the BMS-C / Fuel Injection computer.

Should I refuel on the sidestand or centerstand?

Gas cap failure?

Is there an aftermarket gas cap?

Colour Fade on Fuel Tank

RevJVegas: Using paper towels, and a cigarette lighter to see what I was doing, I mopped up all the gas.
pwendell: Uh, Raj, you didn't really use a cigarette lighter to look at a gas leak, did you?
RevJVegas: No I didn't really...just checking to see if y'all are paying attention.
pwendell: I am relieved. I'd hate to hear about an Inmate going up flames, it'd be a waste of a nice bike too