F650 GS Aftermarket Fuel Tank FAQ

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Last Updated: 6 January 2007, Winter #1935

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by David H. Park #711, December '01

The Touratech tank made by Elkamet (world leader in this area) is the only option currently available for the GS/Dakar series.

Touratech Tank

by David H. Park #711 on Advrider

One of the reasons I bought a Dakar is the tremendous aftermarket support from Touratech. I had a pretty strong picture in my mind about what I wanted in a motorcycle, and the combination of Dakar/Touratech gave me most of the pieces required.

Report on DHP's Website: F650GS-Fuel Tanks.

What about the charcoal filter in the American tank?

The charcoal canister is emissions related. The charcoal filter it contains is in the vent loop. The thinking is that when you fill the tank it keeps all those nasty gas fumes that occupied the "empty" part of the tank from floating free. Except the fuel nozzle doesn't cover the fuel filler opening while pumping so it does exactly fuck-all. It connects via an electronic solenoid and then back into the engines intake tract. This solenoid has to be plugged. I used a a cap screw, some gas resistant gasket sealer, and two little hose clamps. I am using the German tank. As a result, there is nothing for this solenoid to do (no charcoal canister to pipe to). But I left the solenoid on the bike because: I can change it back to stock If I ever decide to do that. I don't like loose electrical connections. I have no idea what type of signal BMW's electronic "brain" is sending this unit, or how it might respond if there was nothing to receive that signal. So I disabled the mechanical side (by plugging the old connection from solenoid to canister), and left the electronics alone.

Am I correct in thinking that the German tank does not need to be drilled because of the absence of a filter?

When you say "last 2 gallons ride high" does that mean they're in the side tanks? (I'm trying to figure out how the whole system works)

Would you recommend or not recommend doing this on the 650 model? I'm going to do mostly street riding, at least for now.

I just finished reading about the 650RR bikes (on the Touratech site) that have 4 tanks. 13 gallons?! & 700 mile range. Any idea if adding them would be possible without all the changes involved in the RR kit?

What about the 51L TT Rallye Bike.

I haven't heard anyone NOT recommend putting the TT39 setup on the regular bike? Is that not advisable?

Fitting problems

Other Tank Alternatives

Rokon Filled Tires

Misc. Fuel/Jerry Cans

Kolpin (ATV) Fuel Packs

SW-Motech Petrol "Pannier"

MSR (and other) Fuel Bottles

Collapsable Fuel Packs


For my trip next year I contacted an Australian company called Turtlepac - who make fuel "bags" of various sizes. You can find out more of their products on this website: http://www.turtlepac.com. I just got a reply on if they have a product suitable for off-road / motorbikes. Here is the reply:

Thank you for your interest in Turtle-Pac Petrol
Tanks. We developed a new jerry can tank but it is not on the web site yet. Was developed primarily for Ultra Lights but works on bikes as well. It is rectangular 680 mm x 550 mm but 45 mm all around is seam so do not fill up. It is endless how you can fold and tie to bike or trikes. That means can fit them on front of bike as well. Cost is A$ 360-00 plus mailing about $ 12-00 within Australia. Twelve liters we do not make as half the volume of 20 is not half the size or cost. Just be too expensive. Attached are a few photos of the jerry can. To order one phone us on 07 55981959 or Email.

Bests Regards.
Laszlo Torok

Of course it is expensive (at over AUS$300 / 20L bag), but here are some other things to consider:

  1. There are suppliers around the world
  2. Once used you can collapse it out of the way
  3. They appear fairly tough

Conforms to AS/NZS 9001/2000 (quality management standard); HF welded maint. free seams; No glue; UV resistant. My ownly concern at this stage is how will it handly a fully loaded F650 landing on it? I mean I am not going to be using them at high speed tarmac parts of the trip - they will be used on the slower dirt trips.

MSR Dromedry Bags?

Custom 3Gallon Tank

Misc Feedback

by Nick #1085, November '02

Can I carry fuel in my Panniers?

Now having received these nice new panniers can I put them to some other use other than hauling tools and standard luggage? What about Fuel?

After numerous discussions with folks to get many opinions, I decided on the following using the following criteria and considerations:

  1. While I can carry fuel weight has to be a priority so using a 5 gallon can or plastic jug is not an option. Too heavy.
  2. Storing the fuel internally to the pannier as well is not something that I was keen on either.
  3. The carrier had to be steel
  4. The total amount of additional fuel that I want to carry is to be of sufficient quantity to get myself out of a jam, possibly enough for about 10 miles for my needs, your needs may vary. But be light enough to carry when traveling with a loaded pannier

So based on that, I settled on the following storage can in the 5L size. http://britishpacific.com/offroad/jerryCans.html. The can is of sufficient size to carry just enough fuel for my considerations and of excellent manufacture for my needs.

Considering this can I played around with some mounting schemes that may work. All in all in lieu of making a bracket for the can to mount on the side, which I believe can be done and elegantly for that matter. I settled at this time on just filling the can and strapping to the top of the 41L case. The dimensions are such that it fits fairly well with little or no play at all once secured. This works for me for what I want but as stated YMMV.

Fuel Can + Aftermarket Exhaust?