GS Radiator FAQ
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Updated 15 August 2004

Radiator Leak

by Kristian #562


While there has been quite a number of instances, so far this hasn't been that much of a widely reported problem and it would appear to affect mainly early bikes. BMW must have decided to tighten their Q.C.


Having said that, Michael McKeon from NZ notes: On a recent BMW New Zealand "adventure" ride it was pointed out to me that the small stones, typically used on gravel roads here, can become trapped behind the plastic radiator shrouds on the fuel injected 650 and over time rub through the radiator. This has apparently happened to some NZ 650's. I use my Dakar on gravel a lot and sure enough, at 16,000 km it had 4-5 stones sitting there. Something easily checked by removing the plastic radiator shrouds.


Radiator Leak Experiences:

Do Classics have "leaky radiator syndrome" too?

No. Classics were designed by Aprilia. When the dumbasses at BMW redesigned the thing to make the GS, among the stupid ideas they had was to mount the radiator so that a stone can get between it and the frame. This, from what I've read, is the source of many fragged radiators. Flash #412

About Pinhole leak Repairs:

"A half-tablespoon of Stop Leak kept me going for 2 weeks, until the replacement came in. " Scott #1244 '02 Dakar (about fixing a pinhole leak on the road)

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