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F650 Troubleshooter FAQ

Welcome to the F650 Troubleshooter FAQ. This FAQ contains links to a whole bunch of other FAQs that should help in fixing problems with your F650. Keep in mind there are many more FAQs than just those listed here, but what is listed here should get you heading in the right direction. For your bike to operate, keep in mind these three key elements:

  1. Fuel
  2. Air
  3. Spark

Starting / Running Problems

Many problems with the F650 bikes are solved easily. Check your Battery, and use Regular Unleaded fuel. The best place to start for problems starting or running your F650 (all models) is the Classic Hard Starting / Poor Running FAQ. There you will find a diagnostic table to help you figure out what is wrong. If you have a fuel injected model also check out the GS Hard Starting / Poor Running FAQ.

Also, if you are having problems with your engine, check out the Rotax 655 Troubleshooting FAQ. Although the engine is slightly different (5 valves rather than the Rotax 654 with 4 valves in the F650), many aspects of this FAQ are still very relevant.

Oil and Coolant Do Not Mix!

If you have problems with your Oil frothing up, or your bike leaking coolant, check out the Water Pump Seal Repair FAQ - this is a well know problem. For problems related to overheating, check the Overheating FAQ - this contains a diagnostic table to help work through your problem. Finally for oil leaks, check out the Oil Leaks FAQ.

Strange Noises and Vibrations

There are heaps of Strange Noises and a useful diagnostic table is provided in the FAQ. And you can also find more about Vibrations while your at it - being a single cylinder, many bolts will slowly work themselves loose if not torqued correctly.

Gear Shifting and Clutch

The Rotax 655 Troubleshooting FAQ has a good section on identifying problems with your gearbox. Also check the Clutch Misc Problems FAQ and the Clutch Adjustment FAQ. The clutch used on all F650 models is very similar.

Service Bulletins

There is a heap of information in the Service Bulletins FAQ for all bikes. Many of the bulletins are available, however you may be able to ask your local dealer for a copy of any relevant bulletins for your model bike.

If you have a Classic

Some of the most common problems are related to the Plug Caps, Voltage Regulator/Rectifier and Battery. If you have not already replaced your plug caps with NGK caps, then do so. If you have not replaced your Voltage Regulator with one from a GS/Dakar model, do that too.

If you have a Fool Infected model (GS/Dakar/CS)

Check the Service Bulletins FAQ for information on things specific to your bike. Until recently your dealer was the only one who could retrieve diagnostic codes from your on-board computer. The GS911 now (2007 onwards) allows you to check diagnostic codes from your computer or mobile phone. Check the Fuel Injection FAQ. Also check your Air Filter as a damaged or missing filter can cause many problems.