The BMW F650 Technical FAQs

The F650 Technical FAQs - originally intended for the 1994 - 2000 carburetted BMW F650 motorcycles because that was all there were. Then FAQs were added for the fuel injected models (the GS, Dakar and CS). Finally when BMW released the G650X series, FAQs were started specific to that bike as well. All of these bikes (F650 Classic, GS, Dakar, CS; G650X) are very similar - all based on the Rotax 654 engine. Much of the info in Classic FAQs also apply to fuel injected models, and much of the info in the fuel injected models also apply to the BMW G650X series. However the Chain Gang remains focused on the F650 (Classic and Fuel Injected).

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Index - Classic, GS, Dakar, CS
Brakes Frame/Fairing
(Windshields, Buffeting, Fenders etc.)
Personalising Your F
Clutch Fuel Preparation System/Air Filter Purchasing
(History, Comparisons, High Miles)
Cooling System Fuel Supply-Tank Rear Axle-Suspension
Documentation Gearbox Riding
Dual Seat Instruments-Measuring Systems Steering
Electrical Lighting Telescope Forks-Suspension
(Oil Leaks etc.)
(Luggage, Tools, Winterizing, Strange Noises etc.)
Transfer Box-Chain Drive
or check the CS Belt Drive
Exhaust Assembly Performance Modifications Wheels

Index - G650X Specific
(nothing yet)

Note: Technical Items (AND THERE ARE MANY) which are Relevant to All F650 Bikes (Classic, GS and CS) are normally in the Classic FAQs. Hopefully, credit (or blame) is given where it was due.


While all due care has been taken in the compilation and editing of these FAQs, you attempt any of these Additions, Modifications or Maintenance Work at your own risk, using your own judgement of your abilities. A failed bearing, improperly fixed panniers or poorly adjusted valves can result in property and bike damage, personal injury or death. If you doubt your abilities to perform any of the work discussed in this FAQ, you are strongly advised to consult a professional mechanic to carry out the work for you. No responsibility or liability is accepted for incorrect Parts Numbers, Torque Values, Riding Tips or any of the information contained in these FAQs. This is a "club" function and not endorsed by BMW Motorcycle Division for any mechanical, software, or procedural modification.

Having said that, with the right tools, a willingness to learn, some mechanical ability and a modicum of patience, you should be able to easily perform most of the Work discussed here by yourself. Have a go, you'll be able to "start her up" with a degree of quiet satisfaction that only having done it yourself can engender. It's not Rocket Science.

Recalls and Service Bulletins

Please see the Service Bulletins FAQ.

"For mandatory recalls then the National Highway Transportation Safety Association will have a file on it. Their web site is If you go there you'll clearly see a link for RECALLS. Then you use the pull down menus and go to BMW Motorcycles then component type." DHP#711

For recall notices in Australia, check the Department of Transport and Regional Services:

For the UK, try Vehicle Operator Services Agency:

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