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Start Your Own Survey!

With the new forums, there is now support for you to conduct simple surveys yourself. We encourage you to conduct surveys, but please try to keep to one (or may be two) surveys at a time - this means the site is not flooded with heaps of them at the same time. Here are some surveys (and results taken from when the survey becomes "quiet")...

What devices do you use to lock your bike? (current)

The Survey

How often do you change you oil? (current)

The Survey

Which is most useful (pavement rides mostly)?

The Survey

Tyre Choice! What would you get with 98% riding freeways and 2% off-road?

The Survey

What is your preferred road tire?

The Survey... After 31 votes, the Metzeler Tourance seems to be the most popular road tire with 51% (7 Feb 2006). A close second with 19% was the Michelin Anakee. The rest of the thread contains some comments on other tires used.

Older Surveys

The Surveys are here: Surveys

If you'd like to add to/modify any of these surveys, please send an email to the FAQ Master