Chain & Sprocket Survey Compiled & Edited by Norm#874
#1061 94 Classic 29k Master link worn; chain clicking New chain in’99; need to replace NOW     Chain Wax every 200m; monthly cleaning
#982 95   18k   New chain @ 13k      
#562 96 Classic     14.9k on chain #1, 13.1k on chain #2, 915m on chain #3   OEM, DID520VM, DID520VM  
Reggie 96 Classic 19.4k C&S OK Sold in ‘99 None None Chain only adjusted 3 times! Scotoiler
#668 97 Classic 45k None 3rd Chain None BMW stock C&S, BMW stock sprockets, Removed swingarm to replace chain.
#230 97 Classic 27k None New chain @ 13k   DID520VM Oil chain every 250m; used chain breaker, so no wheel/swingarm removal
#417 97 Classic 64k None 4th C&S @ 15k intervals   DID520VM @ Kiernan Racing After 15k, ride suffers from chain chatter; used rivit link.
#582 97 Classic 36.1k   DID O-ring @11k, DID x-ring @32K with sprockets $130 Lube with WD40 and Chain Wax
#888 97 ST 14.2k surging chain & pops when shifting New Chain and Sprockets $194 incl. Labor EK O-ring Chain $66.50 rear sprocket $41.92 front
sprocket $36.87  Labor $48
Chain seemed good until 12,500 miles, then went downhill fast. Chain wax every 1000-1500 m.
#959 97 Classic 17.9k None OEM C&S, 15t Front sprocket None None Chain wax every 200-300 m.
McGyver 97 Classic     Replaced chain @13k with Tsubaki non-o-ring; sprockets OK     Non-o-ring rolls easier, lube penetrates rollers, ˝ the price; OEM chain had tight/loose spots causing vibration.
#782 97 Classic 18.5k   OEM chain replaced @ 12.5k, New chain broke @ 17.5k   DID520VM, 520VM Would have replace sprockets with second chain.
#436 97 Classic     Replaced OEM chain @ 8k; C&S will be due soon (21k now)   DID520VM Hacksawed off; used masterlink with silicone to keep clip in place.
#982 99   15k None New C&S @ 12.5k ~$200   Used chain breaker; monitor Scotoiler—PITA to refill
#678 99 Classic 30k None New chain @12.4k, New C&S @ 26.6k $40US-Rear, $34US-Front BMW Sprockets, 27712345334, 23002342381  
Shank 99 Classic 24.3k None OEM C&S @ 15k, (Chains last ~10k)   Lindner BMW DID chain now, but Tsubaki next; lube with Chain Wax
#550 99 Classic 14.2k   Replaced OEM C&S @ 13k   DID520VM with clip masterlink, sprockets from Chain took all day to change, but FAQ were excellent
#403 99 Classic 23k   C&S replaced @10K; added Scotoiler, too. $75, (, $100 Tool DID520VM, DID Chain Tool Used grinder to cut old chain; @ 8k clip fell off master link; replaced with rivit link.
#391 99 Classic     @ 12.2k, replaced OEM C&S $109.76, $35-F, $41-R Chain, Sprocket, Sprocket Original chain kinked; wouldn’t stay tight.
Bernard 99 Classic     Replaced OEM chain @ 11k; replaced rear sprocket   DID720 x-ring Chain Wax every 600m.
#699 00 Classic 20k None Added Scotoiler      
#626 00 GS 14.3k Sloppy chain; bent sprocket teeth New C&S @ 14k $133US, $40US, $44US Chain-DID520VM x-ring, BMW Front Sprocket-16t, BMW Rear JT 49t Scotoiler on bike since 7.8k
RDW 00 GS 18.9k None New chain   OEM Use Bel Ray chain lube every 500m when warm to penetrate link
#668 01 Dakar 17k   2nd Chain   DID520VM gold chain  
#417 01 Dakar 6k None Stock chain      
Mike 01 GSD 7.1k Wear on rear sprocket, front OK, chain 50% None None None  
#1095 01 GS 6.7k None None None None All good.
#1021 Unknown   7.1k None None None None Chain Wax lube every 3-400m.
#618 Unknown     Chain stretched C&S replaced @ 13K   DID520VM (, Rear sprocket is 50t aluminum; after 5k, chain OK, sprocket wearing Motion Pro chain tool; get DID tool; use rivit link for master link.
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