Tire/Tyre Survey Compiled & Edited by Norm#874
#230   Michelin T66 (2 sets) 6k/each set Wet roads Yes   Roll opposite bead of tire under, while in drop-rim area; aligning tube valve PITA
Avon Distanzias 8k now; will go 13k Dry roads Yes
GrtWht Dakar Metzler Sahara 5k R;13k F   No    
  Michelin T66 8k R No  
GS Metzler Tourance 13k No Next set will be Tourance
#550 99 Classic Bridgestone T/wings 11k Dirt/Gravel      
Metzler Tourance 14.3k Wet/Dry handling No-Honda Dealer Mail Order
#982 95/Classic Michelin T66 12k        
  Metzler ME 18k Road  
99/Classic Metzler Tourance 10k    
  Pirelli MT60 5.5k Hard, slow to heat TKC80s next for desert use
Thumpr 00 Switched to Metzler (33, ME2) @ 5k 10k Great grip & maneuvering Dunlop 604s back ordered    
#417   Michelin T66 25.5k None None None None
#391   Bridgestone T/wings 13.5k R 75% On-R     TKC80s for mostly Off Road
25% Off-R
#403   Bridgestone T/wings 8k Tarmac Yes-Front OEM Used a wizard and manual tire changer & wheel attachment from harborfreight.com
Michelin T66 10k Wet/Dry  
Metzler Tourance 5k Grippy, but poor tracking MAW online
TKC80s 20 miles (new) Great on dirt   
#843   Michelin T66 18k commuting     Max PSI with light load
#562 Classic Pirelli MT60 F/R 12.5k F     HK$900-R Pirelli's lasted forever, Good in wet and Dry when warmed up.
  Metzler ME55/A, ME33 9.8k R 80% On-R, 20% Off-R HK$750-F;
GS OEM     Divide cost by $7.75US
#618 99/Classic Kenda Challengers 8k OK on dry pvmt; slick on wet. No—shop did it @ $15/each $220US S/H; discountmotorcycletires.com  
Metzler Tourances New Great wet grip
#1134 GS Bridgestone T/wings 22k Best compromise of street, off road     31PSI-F, 33PSI-R;
Michelin T66 10k Good Grip with passenger-35PSI-F, 37PSI-R
#436   Bridgestone T/wings 7.5k (badly cupped)   Yes ˝ price sale at Cross Country BMW Front—OK to change
Michelin T66 5.5k R#1   Rear—needs Ruglyde tire lube from NAPA, 3 irons & rim protector
(Conti tubes) 8k R#2, 13k F#1 Best all around  
#473   Avon Distanzias Great wear Awesome all-around tire      
#1095   Michelin T66 7.1k Great on pvmt, not on dirt CalBMW $117-tire  
#1021   Bridgestone T/wing 6.2k-R None None None None
#626 01/00 GS OEM 12K        
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