The GS Aftermarket Luggage FAQ
compiled & edited by Kristian #562
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(See the Classic F Aftermarket Luggage FAQ for lots of Opinions on Luggage/Sidecases/TopBoxes/racks & TankBags for BOTH Classic and GS/Dakar)
Updated by Scott, ID #12443

GS Gallery:


BMW System Cases
from HsN

These Expandable Side Cases expand an additional three inches for extra storage space. Water-resistant. One lock kit required per case (part # 51 25 2 313 282, $16.74). Reflector base and red side marker also required (Reflector base part # 71 60 7 661 005, $10.50; Side marker part # 63 14 1 459 995, $8.37). Mounting brackets required (sold separately). Features a side pocket and nylon carrying strap. Part # 71-60-7-661-766 right, 71-60-7-661-765 left.

From Pablo
The cases on Pablo's Dakar. The contrast between expanded and unexpanded is shown.


Link to more views of Pablo's luggage.

BMW Tank Bag
from Guz
BMW designed them really easy to install and remove. Excellent quality.

BMW Top Box

What Are These Brackets For That Are In My Way?
Aaron Wallace
April 16, 2001

When installing the factory top case mounting bracket, you need to remove the two black metal angled brackets that provide additional support for the rear turn signals, if present. The instructions that I had didn't mention removing these, but they prevent the metal topcase bracket support from fitting properly. There may be a way to modify the turn signal brackets to fit under the topcase bracket--I'm not sure they're all that useful.

BestRest CargoRest T Model  
Wayne #1314

On Wayne's 2003 Dakar

Note from Wayne: Anyone who uses an aftermarket seat in conjunction with a BestRest rack may have a problem getting into their rear storage compartment, as the rack completely covers the top of the compartment... My Corbin seat is very high in the rear and there is no way to get into the compartment to release the seat.

Follow the link to Wayne's very clever Seat Release Trick.

BestRest CargoRest plus BackRest

I needed a backrest for the wife. I looked in the FAQ's and online and the only choice you have is to use a top box with a pad, buy a BestRest product, or fabricate one. The top box didn't work for us because it was uncomfortable for both of us. There isn't a lot of room on the passenger seat and adding the top box crowded her forcing her to sit straight up or maybe tilted little forward. I'm no fabricator so that was ruled out. That left the BestRest products. I called and talked with the owner who took the time to explain his products to me. I bought the EZRest backrest $125 and the Model C CargoRest $65 with mounting kit $110. You have to have a cargo rest to mount the backrest to. I would suggest one that mounts solidly to the bike such as the BestRest CargoRest.

The instructions were very precise and easy to understand. I took me maybe 45-60 minutes to install. Mostly because I was taking my time and in no rush. If I did it again it would take me maybe 30 minutes max. I had to drill 2 holes in the cargo rest and rear bracket to mount/attach the rear of the backrest. (When I ordered, I was told that I would have to do this.) I took the wife for a ride. After stopping a few times to get the backrest adjusted, she was extremely happy with it. All of the BestRest products I bought have a good powder coating, are very substantial and are of a high quality. If you are looking for a backrest for the passenger I would definitely recommend BestRest.

Why didn't I use the Corbin backrest? To do that you have to have a Corbin seat. I have not had good luck with Corbin seats. I've had 2 and they were not comfortable at all and the customer service was terrible! And the Corbin has no adjustment to speak of. TrayB

Caribou Luggage
from Roger

The new Caribou luggage system for the F650GS-DAKAR features the Super Tough Pelican cases that will not crack or shatter like hard plastic, will not dent & leak like aluminum luggage, will not transfer excessive exhaust heat to case contents. An external quick release lock mechanism secures case to bike in seconds, no need to open case to access pucks or latches. Integrated key lock in case lid, no need for padlock. All locks are weather resistant NEMA 4 rated & keyed alike. Dual lanyards on lid reduce stress on hinges. Heavy duty rubber padded case handles that double as passenger grab rails. 35 liter capacity per Caribou case, compared to BMW Systems cases at 31 liters (fully expanded). TIG welded ¾” square 16 ga steel tubing Rail & Bracket system for strength. Attractive and durable powder coated finish. Rail bracket offers added crash protection when cases are not attached. Teflon bushing on all Rail-Bracket contact points eliminates metal-on-metal wear and fatigue. Narrow profile, 38” width across outside of cases at widest point. Designed and built by the same company that makes "AdventurePipe." Visit or call (303) 786-8947

Five Stars Rack
Riderhaus has been bought out by Twisted Throttle

Here is a pdf of the Installation Instructions (In German), but the pics are Good.

And thanks to Nelson Oliveira (a.k.a. Sojourner) here is the English translation.

Five Stars is a company owned and operated by JF Motorsport, and their racks are GIVI Monokey compatible. ErikS

Gearsack Side Bags
from scx  ( )

GIVI E360 Top-Box
from Mike in Texas
November '01

from KiwiDakar
A few days back there were a few requests to see Givi bags installed on a GS. I've got a few pictures up of the racks and my bags (35 litre sides, 45 litre top).

GIVI Maxia E52 Top-Box
from Joe Equip F650GS

GIVI Luggage Cases

from Givi website via Busker

Happy Trails Bags
from Bert

Small 7 1/2" Happy Trail bags, Wunderlich Touring shield, Scottoiler with license plate mount and oiler line routing on swing arm. Tankbag is a Wolfman Explorer.

Jack's Top Box

I used a heavy duty industrial moulded plastic tool box that is weatherproof and lockable. Fitted an LED high level stop light. Mount is by 3 s/s bolts to a Motorworks (U.K.) carry rack. Stays mounted most of the time, but is easily removed. The box itself cost A$129

JC Whitney Topbox
from Kevin #1092, Motorworks Tailrack

Jesse Luggage
from Jesse's Website - Direct F650 Link.

From Necr0

Kayak Deck Bag
from Ted in TO

I didn't want anything bulky, but I still needed a waterproof place to put the laptop So... Sea Kayak deck bag on TT rear rack.

Krauser Rack

Imported by Twisted Throttle   Thanks to ErikS for identifying these pictures. Ed.

Krauser is owned and operated by Hepco & Becker, and has its own proprietary mounting system. ErikS


Marsee Rocket Pocket
from Scott #1244

 Motorworks Tailrack
Trevor #999, Kristian #562

For Tips on Removing the Little Round Plastic Inserts for the Luggage Rack Mounts on the Side Fairing see the GS Fairing FAQ

Moto-Sport Panniers
from Gerry
November '01

Panniers - Moto-Sport Panniers Yukon II S-44-002X
from scx  ( )

Installing the brackets took me less than 10mins. The brackets are secured to the existing mounting points on the bike.

The soft panniers holds 27lts (432 x 330 x 191mm) made of 1000 denier Cordura® looks pretty neat with 2 zipped top opening. It came with liners which make packing easy. In the pannier there are 2 compression strap that will hold you items firmly place. To hold the soft pannier in shape it is back with 3mm Alu plate on the outside and reinforce plastic panels inside. On each sides and the rear there are strip of white reflectors to make night riding visible. Neat design I should say.

Pelican cases
from JimJib, Advrider

Anon. (Shown on a KTM)

Pelican Cases as Panniers and Removable Top Box from Greg (CessPool)

For more pictures and a description of the installation see The Aftermarket Luggage FAQ.

Pelican 1520 cases with the Happy Trails side racks and mounting kit from Doug.

The Happy Trails side racks fit well and appear very sturdy. Doug

Pelican 1550 cases on Moto-Sport Pannier Brackets from cb_abq #1534

For comments see The Aftermarket Luggage FAQ.

Touratech vs. Jesse Panniers
from Gerry #951

Jesse LHS, Touratech RHS, Gerry #951 vs. Jaz #1126

from Robin Crabb, Advrider

Touratech Rear Rack
from Touratech USA or Touratech Germany

Touratech Tank Bag
from SCX ( )

Touratech Tail Bag

from SCX ( )

Touratech Zega Cases
by Dave #1513

For description of installation see The Aftermarket Luggage FAQ.

from AntonV

Wolfman Tank Bag
from SScratch

Wunderlich Tank Bag

For opinions on all these see the: Classic Aftermarket Luggage FAQ.

GS Luggage Rack Q&A


Q.  How sturdy and useful is the luggage rack on the F650GS? Do you recommend another?


Answers and opinions.     

  • The tail of the bike looks nice, but it's plastic, fragile and if you strap down anything more than a sleeping bag, it'll break. (That assumes you can find any tie-down points to hook your bungies.) There's lots of aftermarket luggage racks out there which will enhance your cargo. Spend the money and save your tail.    -    David Petersen

  • A really good rack for the F650GS is available from Motorworks;  It's called the ACA66707 Luggage rack F650GS/PD    -    Trevor George.

  • The 5-Star rack is really nice too. A bit bigger & sturdier mounting than some of the others out. Sorry, I don't have a pic of mine.    -    P7HVN

  • The choice is obvious  -    Mad Russian