Aftermarket Classic Engine Protection/Frame Accessories FAQ

compiled & edited by Kristian #562
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Installation of H-B Engine Protection Bars
Dick #420

The Instructions that come with the Bars are in German and very limited. The following is how to do it:

Position the rack in the mounting position and note that the bottom bracket is offset to the left side of the bike, when the top bracket is lined up in its correct position. This space is to be filled by the two large spacer-washers which permits the oil hose to go over the top of the spacers and not be pinched by the bar.

1.       Remove the two bolts that go through the frame and through the front of the engine.

2.       Take each stud bolt, from the kit, and install a locking nut from the kit on one end of each bolt leaving 2 threads showing. (you can hold the centre of the stud with pliers, while installing the nut).

3.       Hold the rack in position, place a thin washer over the longest stud bolt and insert it through the bottom mounting hole in the rack, from the left side of the bike. Then slip the two big wide spacer-washers over the stud bolt, before the bolt goes through the frame. As you insert the stud into the frame hole position the oil line above the spacers. Put a washer and nut on this stud, but don't tighten yet.

4.      Put a washer on the shorter stud bolt and insert it through the rack and frame. Put a washer and nut on this stud.

5.      Tighten the nuts on the right side of the bike, so they have at least 2 threads showing.

6.   No instructions were given for torque, so I used 60 NM. I figured if the oil sump plug can take 40NM and the counter sprocket nut can take 100NM, then 60NM would be OK. If I had a manual I would use the values for the original mounting bolts. I'm not concerned about the nuts coming off, they're locked, I'm concerned about the proper torque to share load between the engine and the frame, and not OVER-TIGHTEN which would damage the engine case!


Riky Cross Engine Protectors
August 21, 2000
The Chain Gang Staff and Charlie Christensen

Updated by Kristian #562


The Website of Riky Cross (Italy) is Apparently they won't sell direct however. The website isn't too hot either. Pics are in the ITALIAN Section only. Under Rally Accessories, Fuel Tank Guard, you'll see that they DO list this item for BOTH Classic and the GS.

These gems were found at the 2000 MOA International rally in Michigan. What makes the Riky Cross protectors and exceptional value besides the price is what the protect. Most other bars such as BMW and Hepco Becker bars (also shown in picture) only protect the fairings. A full power drop can cause the bike to roll over bars and still damage the tank.

The Riky Cross bars will work with the BMW and Hepco Becker bars. Charlie's F650 (shown in picture) has the BMW bars. Charlie has found a local metal fabricator that welded his protectors together. The kit has two halves with a front centre connection point. Because of the BMW factory engine guard the centre connection point on the Ricky Cross bars were custom welded and bolted to the BMW guard. The original Ricky Cross centre or mid connection point was an all threaded bolt that went through the place where the top of the BMW guard was. The rear connection point is the 2nd bolt of the foot rests. The upper screen grating might be a good place for mounting PIAA 1200 lights or similar lights

You can get the (Ricky)/Riky Cross bars from Adventure Motorcycle, the same guys who sell the Extenda-Fender.


Note some confusion exists as to the spelling of Ricky/Riky, but it would appear Riky is correct.


Ricky Cross Centrestand, Engine protector, Fuel Tank Guard, 2nd Fuel Tank Guard.


Happy Trails Engine Protectors & Footpegs


Regarding the strength of the highway pegs and the bar they're mounted on: I wouldn't try to stand on them -- first because they're so far forward, and second because the bar is bolted to the front of the skidplate, which in turn is bolted to the same mounting bracket as the stock plastic skidplate uses. So the pegs are fine for resting your feet on and even pushing against a bit while stretching, but not for standing.

This kit didn't include an engine protection bar, like BMW and Hepco-Becker make. But the skidplate is first class. It's made of thick aluminum and uses three heavy duty half-round clamps to mount to the two bottom frame tubes. It's also powder
-coated in your choice of colors.

No mounting instructions came with it, but I figured it out after about 15 minutes -- if I can do it, anyone can.

Cost of the skidplate + highway pegs kit was $179. Happy Trails website address is:






Jesse Bash Plate/Sump Guard

from this site: Jesse Sump Guard.


  Note the Jesse Sump Guard is the MIDDLE bit only. The Engine Protection Bars are from BMW.


Touratech Sump Guard

from Touratech Germany or Touratech USA


Touratech notes Cannot be used with original BMW crash-bars but it appears they can be use with Hepco-Becker Crash Bars as Touratech Sell them too.


Wunderlich Centrestand Skid Plate & Engine Guard

from Wunderlich



Radiator Guards





Wunderlich. Kühlerschutz VA



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