F650GS/Dakar Front Fender Additions FAQ
compiled & edited by Kristian #562
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Dirt and grime all over the place because the GS has no low fender? Getting sprayed by your tyres? There's help!

For Fairing Q's see Fairing FAQ GS

BMW OEM Low Front Fender

Note: 25 May '03. The NEW GS's ('04 Models in the US) now have the low Fender as Standard

This is a '03 UK model new from the dealer on 10 April '03. Photos from adamapost:


These next pics are of a retro-fitted one

Photos from Pelle

The BMW Part # for the Fender is 71 60 7 670 480

The Parts Fiche for the Low Fender also notes the following parts:  It would appear both of these are required. Jack in Oz (see Retrofitting a BMW OEM Low Front Fender) made his own.

Being the foremost low front-fender-freak I just had to see the new one from BMW. In my opinion uglier than all of the third party ones and if I'm to guess, with less protection of engine/frame. Said to fit both GS and Dakar (up until now Touratech has been only choice for Dakar) and with an extremely low price to be from BMW - less than $30! Unfortunately the original fork brace is being used here as well so no room for Fork Gaitors. Pelle.

Retrofitting a BMW OEM Low Front Fender (to Early GS)

by Jack in Oz

Low Budget Install of BMW OEM "mini beak" low front fender kit for early GS. About the only piece of useful info in the fitting instructions was that all bikes prior to frame number 2H78902 require the upgraded stabiliser (I call it fork brace!). This is a write up with pics for a low budget install on pre 2H78902 frame bikes...go this way and save bucks :-)

For those people wanting to install the BMW OEM low front fender kit to the pre frame number 2H78902 F650GS, the are 2 ways to go. One is to simply buy the kit for about A$48 and THEN empty your wallet to the tune of A$194 for a new stabiliser (fork brace) that has mounting standoff points in its casting. OR, read on!

Early Brace

You will need some hand tools, including an M5 set of 3 thread taps and handle.
Remove your existing fork brace and give the bottom side a good clean, here comes the "sticky" bit! you can hold the guard and simply sit the brace on it, but you need to hold it all together and be able to mark 4 drill points in the brace and its not easy! So.....you use hot melt glue! BMW love this stuff....it holds their pannier lids on!


As shown, glue the brace to the guard, being careful to make sure its centered properly, if you muff it, then simply tip hot water on it, and go again.
You will notice that the guard has 4 metal ferrules in the plastic at the mount points, these can fall out, so don't lose them. If you look through these holes at the underside of the brace, you will see a steep angle relationship between guard and brace....where you need to drill holes in the brace and tap the M5 thread.


To do this properly, you need to be VERY careful! Get a drill size that fits snug through the ferrule as you are going to use the ferrule as the "guide bush" for the drill to make a starting hole for the smaller sized tap drill. The idea here is to simply commence drilling the brace enough so the you have an indentation that the small drill tap can use, so that you get a properly centred hole to tap the thread into. Be careful to try and hold the drill straight to avoid grabbing the ferrule and spinning it out of the plastic. The reason I did it this way was because I did not have a centre punch small enough that I could use while the guard was "glued" in place.
After you have marked all 4 holes and drilled them with the tap sized drill, you then separate the guard from the brace, then carefully tap the holes using the 3 M5 taps (taper, intermediate & plug) make sure you use some kind of lubricant (I use INOX) while doing the job. You will be surprised there is quite a bit of "meat" in the brace for a good thread.


Finished Brace

Next, when I looked at the guard initially I thought that the ferrule mounting points looked quite wimpy, so I made 2 additional security straps from some 3mm thick aluminium and drilled them to match the mount hole spacing, these are to fit on the underside of the guard
as shown.

Fitted Straps

You are now ready to reassemble the guard and brace, fitting the straps etc. I used 20mm x M5 stainless Allen bolts. Using Loctite 515 on the threads is a must to keep corrosion etc out of the threads. Fit the guard to the brace and tighten the screws evenly, you will see the screws only very slightly protrude through the top of the fork brace. The guard will tighten firmly to the brace, do NOT overtighten, it will serve no purpose and distort the plastic guard some. Once you are happy that its done, refit the assembly to your machine!


I added some 6mm cadmium plated spacers between brace and forks to just raise the guard a little. The spacers came as leftovers from a pannier frame kit I used on my CX500B, about 18 years ago! I saved A$194 for 2 hours work and had fun doing it and have probably voided all warranties for life, with BMW!


Even if I DID buy the proper fork brace for the install, I would still make up the aluminium security straps and fit them, as I have horrible visions of the guard cracking off around the ferrules, jamming up the front wheel and sending you base over apex, off your machine! Jack, F650GS, Queensland, Australia.

BMW OEM High Fender Extension
Photos from Trevor #999, Pelle


Photos from Aridriel, Advrider

Photos from bg #1002

Dakar Fender on GS

Q. Has anyone put the front Dakar fender extension (black plastic piece over the body colored piece.) on their GS.? I'm thinking of doing this to my 01 GS, I ordered the extension, but after closer examination to a friends Dakar it looks as though the body colored piece is cut shorter at the factory?

G & G Technik Low Fender

from Kristian #562

from Guz

G&G Technik (Switzerland)
Direct Link to the Fender


Touratech Fender

BMW_F650GS-DAKAR (Direct Link to Touratech's Site)

by Pelle, Sweden

I have now received my Touratech low front fender and mounted it on a 2002 Dakar.

Opinions on the Touratech Low Fender

Q: Do you have to remove or drop the front wheel to fit the Touratech lower front fender?
A: No. Remove fork brace, fit fender with spacers and attach fork brace with supplied screws. The spacers are only needed for the Dakar. It really is a case of removing the fork brace and positioning the fender, the brace is then reinstated using the slightly longer bolts provided.

Wunderlich Fender


Kotflügel-Umbau F650GS (Direct Link, in German)

Wunderlich have two fenders, a Carbon-Fibre and a Glass-Fibre one. They come with the necessary Fork Brace, which also has the advantage of Gaitor clearance.

Photos from www.bmwscruz.com

Carbon Fibre Fibre Glass

Here's a link to the Gaitor pics. Wunderlich Gaitors.



Custom Fork Brace to allow fitting of Gators

Fork Gaitors with a low fender.
from Pelle, Sweden - 13-May-02

I previously mounted a Touratech low fender kit on my Dakar. Unfortunately that kit is designed using the stock fork brace and doesn't allow enough space to attach fork Gaitors. I have now had a custom fork brace/low fender mount made for me that does it all. Close up, End result.