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Can't Reach Turn Signal Switch due to Clutch Lever position on the GS?


The only "cure" is to cut the housing in half. On the Classic you could slide the Lever Mount down the bar, bringing the end of the lever (where there is more control, especially in traffic) toward the switch.


How CG Members See "the Problem" of "Why are the Indicator Controls so far from my thumb on the GS? Is there a Fix?"

Ducati Brake Lever Install

by David #476
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edited by Kristian #562



So you find the brake lever is a little too long of a reach?  Hereís a solution.


One of the inmates found that a Ducati after market adjustable brake lever might work on our bikes. It made perfect sense, as the Ducati's use Brembo Brakes just like our Fs. (At least the beautiful Aprilia made ones!)  On further investigation at the local Ducati dealer, the levers appeared identical, as did the Master Cylinders, so I figured Iíd give it a shot. Lo and behold, it worked perfectly (well, almost perfectly. Iíll get to that later.)  Shots below compare the stock lever and the Ducati one at itís smallest (#4).  #1 is the same angle as the stock BMW one.



So hereís what you do:




Nut on the bottom of the Pivot


Next comes a tricky part:

So now you just remove the old lever. Back off the play adjustment  in the new one. And put the new one in, taking care not to dislodge or lose the little light switch pin. Oh, I would take a moment prior to this and lube everything up real well with red grease.





The new lever installed. Note play adjustment screw on the left.


A note here. Since the stock lever has no play adjustment, this whole bit is missing from the stock lever. What this meant for me is that I had to move the whole brake, master cylinder, mirror set up inward to clear the switch on the throttle assembly. Below is a shot of that.  Itís hard to see, but there is about .002Ē clearance between the lever and the switch.  Just enough so that it doesnít interfere with the brake lever.





A real tight fit !


Once all this was complete, for some reason I donít really understand, I had to bleed the brakes. When this was complete I was good to go. No more applying the brakes with my finger tips! The adjustment as measured in the photo below ranges from 90mm on setting #1 to 60mm on setting #4 in 10 mm increments.




 Ducati part number 62610031B $62 and change.


Alternative Brake Levers


The alternatives are:

  This is what it will look like.


Alternative Brake Pedals


Q. For me, the brake pedal is too short. Anybody know if there is an extension made for it? Yes I saw the (Touratech) one in FAQ but it is relocation with some extension and is expensive. I am happy with the placement, just not the length. I find it a long reach from the peg. A web search has turned up nothing but I know we have some fabricators on the list so I thought I would bring it up. Tim Galdencio, Chain Gang #1325, '03 F650GS Ft. Lauderdale/Miami, Florida.

Lever Opinions


ASV - (Not yet available)




Tip to avoid un-usable Broken Levers in a Fall

by David H Park, #711

If you do a lot off-roading, or are going on a long trip that might end with you dropping the bike inadvertently, you might like to consider this tip.


Drill a hole in the end of the levers that way the knob will break off leaving you a workable lever. Cheap, easy to do and will save you some $ as well as levers if you're in the field.

Do you drill the hole vertically (top to bottom of lever) or horizontally (front to back), and about what size hole?
A. You drill the hole toward the end of the lever where the "ball" part is. Don't make it too big, the size will be self explanatory (use common sense). Again not too far toward the end, just a bit off the end. If you check out some other bike's levers you'll see that they have a "crease" toward the end, same idea different method. See DHP's web site for pics.