OEM Headlight FAQ

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GS/Dakar Specific


For Aftermarket Lights refer the Classic Aftermarket Lights FAQ and the Aftermarket GS Lights FAQ

For Problems with the Rear Brake Light See Brake Light

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Replacement Headlight Bulb is H4 in 55/60 watts



Q. How do I Reset the Headlight Throw Angle?

A. Check the tire pressure and correct it, if necessary. Place motorcycle on its wheels with the rider on it, on a level surface, 5 meters from a light-colored wall. The rear springs should be set for solo operation. Measure distance from ground to head light center ( H in the picture ), mark this distance on the wall with a cross and draw another cross 5 centimetres below the first one. Switch on low beam and align the head light, so that the bright-dark boundary runs from the left, from the center of the lower cross, rising to the right to the horizontal line of the upper cross and then falls off.



Q. How do I get out the Headlight Bulb (Classic)
A1. There are 2 bulbs. The main "center" one and a sidemounted smaller bulb which seems to serve as a reflector illuminator.

A2. If you have full control of the lights (rather than the silly lights on at ignition), the separate "parking"/side lamp is a real bonus. You replace the 5W lamp with a 20W and use this for daylight running. This saves power and allows you to fit a 80/90 or 100/130 main lamp for use at night of in bad weather. Andy Leeds UK #982


Q. Low Lighting on my Classic?

Went out for an evening ride on the Y2K Classic and noticed that my low beam was hardly emitting any light. When I got to a stop sign I put my hand in front of the headlight, and it illuminated my hand, but there is not enough light coming out to do much else. High beam is working fine. Are there two separate bulbs in there that are replaceable separately? The bike only has 7200mi on it too; maybe there is something loose?

High Beam Light Stays On?

GS/Dakar Specific


Q. Weak (OEM) GS/Dakar Headlight Assembly?

Q. Low Lighting on my GS/Dakar?

Q. How do I get out the Headlight Bulb (GS)

Q. My headlight flasher switch failed (GS/Dakar)


By Scott ID, #1244
Ever notice how bright the road gets when you hold your flasher switch down, thus activating both hi and lo beams? Well, one night last summer I was doing that, and after about 20 seconds the switch failed. Months later, I pulled the switch out, and I took it completely apart. Turns out that there are two little copper/brass contacts and when you press the trigger switch, they come together. When I held it too long, they got hot, so hot that one of the contacts melted into the plastic housing. So, after sinking into oblivion, the two contacts could no longer touch each other.

I pulled the sunken contact out of its hole, and placed a drop of epoxy in the hole, then placed a tiny washer or two that just fit, to build up the melted area . . . I tested the result (good), and re-installed the switch. So, if you ever hold that switch down too long, you might try this fix (took about 20 minutes). If you do, keep track of the spring that goes in-between the contacts, and the spring-loaded ball bearing that makes that nice little "clicking" feeling when you pull the trigger. It fits just above and to the left of the copper contact as shown in the below picture:


by Bird on Advrider

Dakar High beam Trigger: I was putting the Bavarian Sh*theap back together after doing the valve shims and decided to "improve" the aux. light wiring . Somehow, while I was putting the plug back together, the high beam trigger stopped working. The rocker switch still works, and it will activate the high beam as well as the aux. lights.

Is there a relay or fuse I'm missing? I'm thinking that I burned something and this wasn't just an act of god, since it worked part way through the "improvements".

Fixed. First what I found. I disassembled the switch and whipped out my 'tronics kit to have a look. Fluke'd the switch and saw juice Hmmm this could be really good (dirty/burnt contacts) or really bad (something amiss deep in the bowels of wiring land). Fortunately Billy was watching over me as I lucked out with burnt contacts:

So I cleaned the contacts, birded the roundel, and tested. Ooohhh, lights! Yay, it wor...OW THAT'S HOT! Hmm, shouldn't be getting hot like that. What's making it hot and why were the contacts burnt? Back to the Evil Relay:

After I put the wiring back together the other day, I changed out the relay as they get a little sticky after being in the weather -- especially the unsealed ones like Hella makes. I didn't figure this as a culprit because the trigger worked after I changed the relay. But last night when I checked the pinout against my handy-dandy wiring diagram, it was all wrong. That would explain the burned contacts and hot wiring insulation.

I re-arranged the plug wires, everything is bomber now. But, was I really so hungover that I totally re-arranged the wires in some seemingly random order?

To the Oracle, Robin. Must have been the hangover because every relay I looked at on the net had the same pinout - 3 horizontal with the vertical 30 (hot). Still not convinced, I persisted and eventually found seemingly the only picture of the pin-out of 'my' Hella relay. Sonomobeyotch. The 30 pin is on the side. Why the f*** would would they do that? It seems to be the only 12v relay on earth that is pinned that way.

So, when I changed out the relay I assumed the pins were the same, they were not, my bad. Thus the burned contacts and hot wires.