F650 Classic Speedo FAQ

compiled & edited by Kristian #562
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Last Updated: 18 Feb 2007, by Winter #1935

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Under-Reading Speedo

Q. Has anyone come had problems with their speedometer under-reading (as opposed to just plain not working sometimes)? Mine seems to be 7 - 12 Mph slow all the time. The dealer says that it's a known problem, for which BMW don't currently have a fix, but I've not seen anyone mention it anywhere. It's a bit off-putting, not to mention probably illegal.

A. (From Flash #412)You CAN fix it yourself if you care to. Remove the instrument. Remove the bezel. Lift the needle up over the stop and note it's resting position. Pop the needle off. Reinstall the needle, with the resting position 10-12 mph faster than it used to was. Reassemble the rest in reverse order. Oh... and be sure to complain to the DoT about this safety issue. If enough folks complain about "a known problem," the DoT will force BMW to issue a recall and everyone gets a new, ACCURATE speedo for free.

We have Veglia (aka Vague-Liar) Tach and Speedos in our F650s. These are common Italian gauges. On the back is what BMW calls a "gearbox" (62 11 2 346 455). In the picture below, this is the black thing that has been removed and set aside next to the instrument. There is also a WHITE GEAR on the back of the instrument. (It just pulls off.) The parts are the same for the Tach and speedo. It is possible a Ducati or Moto Guzzi or Aprilia will have a gauge that fits.


Trip Meter Repair

by Jim 99 F650

I'm relatively new to the F650 world but I have 30+ years of motorcycling, and thought this may be of help to someone, use it if you like. I just had the tripmeter reset to quit working, turning the reset knob did nothing. I removed the windshield and front fairing and gained access to the the odometer and reset knob and found there's a short connecting flexible cable from the knob to the back of the odometer. The end on the odometer was slipping on the shaft due to a small pin missing that held the cable to the shaft. After lining up the holes on the cable and shaft I slipped a small piece of stiff wire through it and repair was done.

Checking your Speedo

Refer Speedo Spreadsheet (htm) or Excel File Speedo.xls or gearing_v12.xls

Q. I have all the information except that I'm not sure if these numbers are correct for a stock 99 F. These are all guesses.

Wheel Rim Size (Funduro) 17" ?
Engine Minimum RPM 1500
Engine Maximum RPM 7500
Change Down RPM 3500
Change Up RPM 5000
Maximum Power RPM 5000
Also, what is Tire Depth % ?

Wheel Rim size (Funduro) 17" > Yes
Engine Minimum RPM 1500 > Depends of gearing and driving style. I personally don't go under 2K save 1st gear
Engine Maximum RPM 7500 > I do believe, don't have bike or manual here. This info's in yours.
Change Down RPM 3500 > Personal preference
Change Up RPM 5000 > Same
Maximum Power RPM 5000 > Manual

Also, what is Tire Depth % ? > Amount of tread (New Tire=100%, Cords 0%) left on your tire. None of us can check that. For most tires and riders, you can check mid way through by comparing the tread in the middle of the rear tire with the tread on the outside (which rarely gets worn). David #476, '99 F650.

Bouncing Speedo Needle (and how to lubricate the cable)

by Flash #412

Problem: My 97' f classic has a jumping speedo needle, and it looks like the trip meter is stuck at the tenth miles flipover, it happens at all speeds and resetting the trip meter works only for 10 or 20 miles then the trouble starts again. Has any one else had problems like this one?

What are the red lines on the Speedo?