The Aftermarket Instrumentation FAQ - GS/Dakar
compiled & edited by Kristian #562
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Adding an Oil Temperature Gauge

The only one available at the Current Time is the "RR Oil Temperature Gauge"

from Guz


Louis Direct Link
by Sean-STL

If the link doesn't work or show the wrong article

  1. Go to the home page
  2. Click the 'Motobase' button.
  3. Select the grey option 'Artikel und Daten fur lhr Motorrad'.
  4. It should open a new page where you can select your bike. I chose 'BMW' > '500-750' > 'F650/ST (F650)'. Click the 'Arkitel' button.
  5. The third product down is the one I think you are looking for. RR-OELTEMP. DIREKTANZEIGER BMW F 650 GS '00- 49.95

Wunderlich Direct Link
by Kristian #562

If the link doesn't work or show the wrong article

  1. Go to

  2. Choose BMW in the Upper Row

  3. Choose Zum Shop

  4. Choose Your Bike from the Link at Left.

  5. Scroll down the list and look for "Öltemperaturanzeige RR"

For other installation details, opinions and expected Oil Temperature refer the Aftermarket Oil Temperature Gauge section of the Classic Aftermarket Instrumentation FAQ.


What about adding a Coolant Temperature Gauge? (To the GS/Dakar)

by Flash #412

Q. I know you put the Euro Temp gauge (that I already HAD on my '96) on your US Spec bike. If I wanted to put a (Coolant) temperature gauge on my GS, can I
just connect an electronic gauge to the EXISTING thermostat thingy, or do I need to get a Sensor and Connect to that?

A. The thing screwed into your thermostat housing is a SWITCH. It works a light bulb. To work a gauge, you need a resistor/SENSOR.

Q. Any suggestions on a Gauge.? Would a Digital one work, or is the Gauge calibrated to the sensor?
A. Take your SWITCH out. (Watch for coolant running everywhere.) Take your clock out. Take your switch and clock to a cage bits place, preferable a speed shop for rice boys. Get any temp gauge that fits your hole and bolt pattern (and preferably light and wiring holes) AND comes with a sensor that matches your thread pitch.

Q. Apparently, Instead of Veglia temp sensor, Volkswagen temp sensors made by VDO ( with same thread, size, resistance and temp degree, also costs much
less) can also be used?
A.  As long as the thing screws in, you're good to go. The gauge bit is just ease of mounting.

Q. If it's just a connection to the existing (sensor?) is the thermostat thingy that you connect to already calibrated so it sends out the correct Temperature instead of just turning on idiot lights.?

Re-read MY Euro Gauge bit and order from Motobins or get a VW one.


What about On-Board Computer Feedback/Tips?

Trip Computer Installation Problems:

Q. My husband bought the BMW trip computer accessory for my F650GS and I'm trying to get it installed. Has anyone successfully installed this and could give me some advice? The instructions are vague (push connector 3 into connector 2, etc), don't tell you how to identify the different connectors, the drawings are poor and don't match what I see. I've got the connectors unearthed, but I can't figure out which plug-in to use. I looked in the FAQ and couldn't find anything specifically on this. I put a Sigma 800 on my last bike and it was easy, but this one requires you to take half the bike apart to install it. The instructions and pictures that came with it are very poor and I have the heated handgrips, which complicated things a bit. I ended up taking the kit and instructions to the mechanics at the dealer and they talked me through a couple of instructions that weren't clear to me. I did get it installed and everything seems to work fine. Bonnie #1158, northern Illinois '02 F650GLA



 Where is the connector for the trip computer accessory?



My Dakar/GS Clock always gains time/is fast?


Well there's no way to fix it, unless you get a replacement (Maybe). But you're not alone: