GS Scottoiler Installation FAQ

by Adam #1001
Please read the Disclaimer before attempting any work in this FAQ.
November '01

Get in there!  Scottoiler will tell you more. The hassly bit is the vacuum connection. For the rest please refer to your Scottoiler instruction manual, it tells all.

  1. Remove the left, the middle, and the right tank "fake" cover
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Remove the air filter housing.
  4. Now drill a 5 mm hole into the rubber inlet manifold. Hold bike upside down while drilling to keep bits out of engine. Or put a clean lint-free cloth in there.
  5. Mount the universal spigot assembly, Scottoiler part #8, should be in the box there... The same viewed from the other side.
  6. Mount the elbow connector
  7. Put it all back together.

Vacuum takeoff drilled (1)

Vacuum takeoff drilled (2)

Vacuum takeoff and elbow

Throttle body reassembly

As this is a generic item, additional information, opinions for BOTH bikes and comments on how well the Scottoiler works are all in the Classic Scottoiler FAQ, along with information on Alternative Oilers.


Scottoiler Installation Tips 650GS:

We have seen messages asking about Scottoiler installation on 650GS's and offer our experience. Draw your vacuum from the line that runs to the EGR valve. The hose is larger in diameter than the T fitting so cut a short (1/2") section of smaller dia. hose to slip inside. We glue the short pieces in. Install the T and finish your install. Hope this is of help. Don.