F650 TDC Bolt FAQ

by Kristian #562, Simon (in Ireland), 15/07/2002
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Last Updated: 19 March 2007, by Winter #1935

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Why is there a separate FAQ for this silly little Bolt?

What does the TDC bolt do, lock the cams in place? Where is it? Is it a part I have to buy or did I miss something?

Where does it go?

Won't Oil spill out all over the Place when I remove the Keeper Bolt?

What is the BMW Part #?

So is it REALLY NEEDED for the Valve Shim Check or Change?

Is the TDC bolt absolutely necessary?

Where can I buy a TDC Bolt?

What is the Part No. of the TDC Bolt Location Crush Washer?

It looks like a normal Bolt. Can't I just make one?

Any Tips on how to get that TDC bolt in properly?

Making a TDC bolt

Flash notes the the TDC bolt on the Classic is the same as the fuel tank rear bolt on the Classic, so you can use that to make one and always KNOW exactly where it is.