F650 Idle Mix Screw FAQ

by Kristian #562, 12 September 2001
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Where is the Idle Screw?

To the LHS of the LH Carb, it is a flexible "Wand" that sticks down, with a spring wound around it, about 2 1/2 inches long and sheathed in rubber (sounds kinky doesn't it), with a knurled knob at the bottom end. It is nestled close to the Preload knob.

Here, in the red box is the upper art of it. Idle Screw Location (Sorry, no pic of it ON the bike).
The Classic F Idle Speed is 1300-1400 rpm.

Where on earth is the Idle Mix Screw?

Here: Idle Mix Screw Location

The Idle Mix Screw (Circled GREEN) is under the Black Plug (if it's still there), in front of the Carb Float Bowl and under the Carb body. This is the LHS One and is accessible from the left of the bike. The other one (of two) is accessible from the RHS of the bike. The Manual says # of turns OUT from LIGHTLY bottomed out (i.e. screw in clockwise until just seats) is 3.5.

The Screws Circled RED are the Float Bowl Drain Screws, for emptying Crud/Water out of the Carbs.

A SkewDriver or similar tool is highly recommended to access these screws. Let's face it the screws aren't exactly hard to turn just hard to get to. Actually I have the Weekend Pro Model, DSK-1200, (I didn't buy the 12-Pack btw, just the one...) You really don't need anything else and the little handle thingy under the SC-1600 just gets in the way and leaves you LESS room in what's already a tight spot. Especially on my Ohlins Preload Handle Side. The SC-1600 might fit but I'm happy with the Standard Bevel. 10.95 too, if you can find it a Hardware Store. See SkewDriver.

Alternatives to the SkewDriver/SkewDriver Feedback

Thanks to Andrew #870 for the piccie of the location.