Canisterectomy & Vacuum Line FAQ (a.k.a. "I can't be out of GAS.!")
compiled & edited by Kristian #562
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by Flash #412, Bob #550, Hombre sin Nombre et al
May '01

There is a bit of repetition here, for clarity, and because there are more questions than answers. So don't think you're missing something out.


Several F650 riders report an engine that dies and that the solution involves poor electrical connections. If your carburetted bike surges and stalls sometimes, particularly in the rain and it is NOT electrical, it could be your Canister or your Carburettor Vacuum lines.

So which way around SHOULD the vacuum lines go.?

So why Does the Bike feel like it is out of Gas ?

What to do if your Canister "mysteriously" falls off:

  1. You take the little hose from the carb and plug it up. The best place is to cap or plug the (rear) port on the carb. One handy place is the junction on top of the airbox, just behind the tank, under the seat.  You take the long hose from the tank to the canister and reroute it to the place where the hose that used to go from the canister to the footpeg went.

  2. In this configuration, the carb doesn't suck on the inside of your tank.  And the tank can "breathe" fresh air if it wants to.

  3. I have a canister, in a box in my garage.

Stock Configuration

Canister Removal Notes:

Canister Feedback

Has anyone fitted a Container where the Canister WAS?