The Sidestand Kill Switch FAQ
compiled & edited by Kristian #562
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How to bypass the Sidestand Kill Switch.
from Tokyo

Typical Symptoms: I have a '97ST that recently has developed some problems restarting after the sidestand has been down. Usually, I can flip the stand up an down enough to get it going again but I'm afraid I'll really get stranded. Can this thing be disabled?

Yes it can. But first you might like to just check the Nut behind the side stand - It might just need tightening. If you really want to disable it, read on.

It's real easy. Just follow the wire from sidestand up the frame to the first plug in line. It is near the battery and frame on the old bikes. Unplug it and fuse the two wires together on the hot side. Hot side= battery side of (plug) wiring. Leave it be after a good sealing of your work.

Here is a more complete solution:

A picture of the finished bypass.

Now it is your responsibility to remember to put up the stand before riding off !

How to bypass the Sidestand Kill Switch in an Emergency
Claude #312

*Real* easy.

  1. Take off the left side panel over the battery.
  2. Follow the wire up from the stand switch to the white connector.
  3. Pull the connector apart. Look in the upper half.
  4. You need to short across those two pins.
  5. Roll some aluminum foil into a little wiener and pack it down in there. Done. At a pinch a cigarette pack foil MAY work.

If you are a washer and waxer type you can secure it all nice and neat with some tape or something.

The advantage of this method is that it is easily reversible, just pull out the foil and connect the plug. I have done this on and off about three times. I always seem to ride off with the side stand down and scare myself and then put the circuit back together.

If the switch fails on the road, this is the way to get home.

Can I cut the Sidestand Loop.

If you removed the Switch, sure, it's main function is to protect the Switch.
If you just want to move the Clutch Shift Lever down one notch, and it's snagging n the loop, consider just bending out the lever a tad. See the Gear Shifting FAQ.