G650X Electrical Misc FAQ

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Last Updated: 1 January 2008, by Winter #1935

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The electrical system on the G650X models is likely very similar to that on the F650 Fuel Injected models. It uses almost the exact same engine, uses the BMS-C2 (see the GS Fuel Injection FAQ) so it makes sense to use a similar setup. However, there are a few changes already known:

If anyone has information on the G650X dash, it would be useful. For example - what are the connectors like? Can it be swapped with a F650GS dash?

Accessory socket polarity reversed?
Some early model G650X bikes have reversed polarity on the accessory socket. This is apparently due to something messed up in the wiring harness. BMW is apparently working on this problem. In other words if you plug something into the accessory socket, you may fry it, blow a fuse or whatever.

General Questions

What is the size / output of the alternator on the G650X models?

Can I increase the alternater output on my G650X?

Can I use the G650X dash/instruments unit on a F650GS/Dakar/CS?

When I turn the ignition on, the display shows "18" in large numbers and small text "WHEELS". What does this mean?

My speedo is inaccurate, can I change it?

Thanks to MaxKool on AdvRider

How do I change my speedo from mph to kph (or back)?

  1. disconnect battery
  2. turn ignition on
  3. hold down mode key
  4. keep mode key pressed and connect battery power
  5. digital display will go through one digital reading
  6. the next two readings (on mine) were kmh and then mph, when you see the new reading you want, release mode key.