Installation of ProTaper Bars to a Dakar
by Adam #906
I hope you find these photos and comments useful if you're thinking of doing something similar.

This is the Universal Mount Kit and bars. 4 silver screws, 4 blackies, 2 top and 2 bottom clamps.

This is the stuff in the kit itself. 1. Unscrew the bar attachments. Easy.


Easy, but start with the clutch side first. Take the attachments off, then loosen the throttle side. You can then slide the bars out. But you will need to unscrew the throttle cable (straightforward). Random shot of unscrewing the weights. The bars are standard diameter, but the ends are BMW-esque.


Nice little gap where the handguards sat before I took them off. So these are the bars next to the stocks. The ProTapers are CR-Mid, and are quite similar to the stocks in height and width. A little snipping of cable ties is required, by the way.


Unscrew original mounts using a hex-headed key. Lift off the bars, and put on the new clamps. Now there's a problem, the clamps are not perfectly aligned with the BMW holes. We put a small black screw in the bottom hole, and the tope one won't sit. You will need to file the top hole on its upper side, and put the screw in perfectly straight, and screw the damn thing in very tight. The BMW screws will no longer fit in the holes once you've done this.... Wrong bolts in here - should be blackies. Top holes of the clamps need widening, by about 3mm we reckon. Truthfully, I would stay away from the ProTaper kit, and check out the Touratech ones for the Magura bars (which will also fit the ProTapers). They should fit perfectly and will save you this hassle.


The round bottoms sit OK in the grooves, but the clamp themselves overhang the originals. They will go in, eventually. You'll need to put some real 'love' into getting them in though, and don't count on going back to your old bars and mounts - this is a one-way commitment. Clutch attachments are loose and to one side. This is really easy. The old bars can be slipped out of the throttle side, although you'll have to unscrew the throttle cable and wheel attachment. Easy enough. No messing around with brakes needed.


Leaving a nice throttle assembly. See the throttle cable at the bottom. First slip on the clutch side attachments onto the new bars, then the throttle side. Then sit the new bars in their new home, and finger tighten the top clamps to hold the bars in position. Tighten clutch side, and put on new grip. I poured ethanol onto the new bar end which allowed the new grip to slide on easily. The ethanol will then evaporate, leaving a tight enough grip to the bar.


Ditto with the throttle side. Watch where all you cables go (the throttle cable goes between the main bar-body and crossbar (if you have one). Final result. Stocks and some beautiful new ProTaper bars.