GS/Dakar Side & Centre Stand FAQ
compiled & edited by Kristian #562
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updated 15 Feb 03

So what about this Stand I see in the BMW Catalogue? Why is that no good?

Engle Motors Modified Stand, Kansas City


This stand would appear to be a GS Stand Modified by the addition of longer feet.


RJ Holtam Stand

February 19th, 2002
by Bill # 1031, Bumblebee #702


The stand is built from the ground up and comes with an optional Bash Plate. See Dakar Stand.pdf for details.

update 30-JUL-2002

Holtam Metal Fabrication can now:

1) make a center stand for a lowered GS
2) make a center stand for a standard GS

In both cases the stand would have the same features as our Dakar model.




Notes from the Manufacturer:

To: Bill (Snipped)
Subject: Re: Center Stand
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002

Hi Bill, I'm glad you like the stand.

The Dakar is a tall bike anyway and perching it up on that tall stand with a large degree of stability is tough. We took into consideration a few things:

  1. Increasing the strength of the stand to compensate for side to side flex. This increases the bulk and weight of the stand and would probably require stronger springs to keep the stand from banging off-road.

  2. Placing the stops further from the pivot point to increase fore and aft stability. Doing this would require the metal flange in which the adjustment bolts thread to be larger. These enlarged flanges would then protrude under the bike reducing ground clearance enough to snag grass and twigs.

  3. Adding the stand increases the weight of the bike and reduces it's ground clearance slightly and we didn't want to compound that.

  4. I don't think the bike will balance on the stand (or rest on the rear wheel) with the front wheel off. (My 97 ST will only do that if I have 30 lbs of camping gear on the rack.)

Center stand from Touratech


This well known aftermarket supplier has a center stand (Note: the bash plate they sell is for stock center stands only). Part number is 300-0135 according to the web site.



Homemade Stands


Homemade Stand #1

by PabloDakar From La Coruña - Spain

Hi... here some pics of my new workshop centerstand... low cost material, some hours of work....Very easy to use, and very useful for maintenance (clean, chain...)

It works exactly how the have to install the long bar by the holes in the centerstand and the bike... then you push the bike rear ... and the bike is on the centerstand at 4-5cm at the floor...bye.


Making a Dakar Stand from a GS Stand

by msmckeon, from Wellington, New Zealand


Note that while there are special spring installation tools and in some cases the stand can be used as a lever to stretch the springs while installing the bolts, there is another trick which can come in useful, as contained in the procedure I sent to a friend below, for adapting a GS stand to the Dakar:

My stand is extended by 70 mm. Material is steel tube 22.2 mm diameter and wall thickness 2. Furniture tube is the closest match.

You will also need the two sets of BMW bolts (2 @ $3.50), washers (4 @$3.35) , sleeves (2 @ $10.90) and special oval nuts (2 @ $1.30) (to ensure security). Springs are $9.15 each (two required) All costs excl GST and are $NZ. Remember how safety critical centre stand security is so no bodges here.

Other modifications required to bike and stand (left and right sitting on bike) include:

Bolt on lower damper arm is inserted with head on right and not on left. In this position stand will hit thread projecting beyond nut. Remove and replace so nut and excess thread are on right side.

This will cause inner centrestand spring to rub on nut now on right side, drill a new hole between the slots on the stand into which the spring hooks and install the inner spring into this. It will now just clear the lower damper arm bolt thread.

I believe that the lengthened stand needs to have its stops ground so it rotates a few degrees forward of the standard F650GS position, otherwise the bike seemed to me to be very close to rolling forward off the stand. Do this by trial and error by jacking the bike clear of the ground and installing the stand without the springs, seeing where it stops and removing and grinding until it stops in what looks like the right place AND both stops are even. We are talking about mm here, remove a tenth at a time!! Before doing this put the lengthened stand on the bike and just check you need to grind first. You have the advantage of having a lengthened stand. I decided to grind with the standard stand because this new stop position would affect the length I was going to add. It MAY be I didn't need to do this but I suspect the geometry of the bike on the longer stand will require that it stop further forward to give a stable deployment - check first before grinding.

You do know about the old trick for installing centrestand springs, force coins (or better a lot of washers) between the coils on alternate sides to lengthen the spring so it can be fitted between stand and bike? Then pop them out one by one to tension the spring. Alternatively use the special spring installation tool, if you have one. Forget about trying pliers etc or levering the spring on, you are wasting your time.

Finally, now you will find that the side stand and centre stand now interfere, whichever is stowed first is trapped by the other. The sidestand needs to be packed out a few mm. See the little "spike" sticking down? The F650GS has a block of rubber jammed on this to do the job! I lashed up a door stop on the spike and piece of foam on the stand to do the job, must go and get a better block of nice unobtrusive black rubber.


WARNING: Cautionary Warning. When the standard BMW stand is modified to fit the Dakar the cross brace position isn't moved and when a new TKC80 is fitted together with new chain and sprockets the tyre contacts the centre stand when at full suspension extension (e.g. over jumps). This isn't a problem under normal riding (with riders weight on bike there is over an inch gap) but when the tyres are clogged with mud and the full range of suspension is being used the stand keeps getting 'flicked' by the tyre. I've seen that stands made by other companies have the cross brace repositioned - so I'm not the only one to notice this. When I first had the stand fitted my chain had a few thousand miles of stretch and adjustment and so the problem wasn't an issue. Paul W


Feedback to GS Stand on the Dakar

My GS Side stand collapsed. Is this common?

Drooping GS Centrestand?


Problem: The centerstand on my '03 F650GSL "droops" when in the retracted position. Looking at other F650's at the dealer, their centerstands appear to be near horizontal when retracted. My dealer's observations were that the centerstands on the GS models retract to the horizontal position, but that the GSLs they've seen all have "drooping" centerstands. When the preload is backed off the centerstand scraps rather easily when cornering. Is this "normal"? The springs seem ok, there are tabs welded to the frame which meet the tabs welded to the centerstand which, when the stand is retracted, meet together. When the tabs meet the centerstand still "droops". Perhaps the tabs on the centerstand need to be ground off a bit to allow the centerstand to more full retract.

Answer: No. It's a Fabrication Fault.


I ended up removing a small section of the "tab stops" on both sides of the centerstand where they contact the "tab stops" welded to the frame. It is now horizontal and no longer "droops". When retracted, the bottom of the centerstand legs are about 1 1/2 inches higher above the ground than before the surgery. Thanks Again, MikeInCo, '03 F650GSL.

How do I lubricate the center stand pivots?

When to use side stand v. center stand

Is the Dakar side stand too short?

Other Side Stand Problems