Aftermarket Windshields for the GS
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BMW Extended Windshield
June 8, 2000

Gerhard Els from South Africa

When installing the extended windshield to your F650 GS, do not remove the grey top windshield. The retrofit kit fits on top of it and looks 1000 times better than removing the grey shield as suggested in the installation manual. (No problem when washing or fitting it that way)

The handlebar protectors are a great buy. It is winter here in South Africa, at $220.00 (+- $30) local currency, they are a great aftermarket DIY and works well keeping wind of your hand plus they look great!

Adamx1001: I could not get the two to go on together. Even snapped off one of the captive nuts behind the support frame because of the sideways torque (aagh). Make sure you have the support 'gasket' which is hidden on the parts fiche. I totally agree about the handlebar protectors, though.

Editors Note: Most, including myself, have removed the Grey Windshield, when installing The Dakar Screen (Available in BOTH Dark and Clear/tinted).

Dissenting opinion: The Dakar screen is better and correctly installed with the grey dash cover behind it. Art #884

Dakar Tall Windshield on the GS - Parts Required.

  pics by Docc & Kristian #562

Dakar Screen
This shot of Pablo's Dakar clearly shows the pronounced lip on the Dakar windshield. This is the black (very dark tint) version.

Fitting the Dakar windshield on a F650GS'00 or Newer
by Rod from CO

  1. Remove the 3 Torx screws holding the silver wind deflector and expose the black plastic front housing. Save wind deflector for future use as ultimate glissading device down snow slopes in winter (1 time use only).

  2. Save the lower Torx screw (black) to re-use. Keep the other two for future use somewhere else on the bike for when things vibrate off someday.

  3. Remove the silver side plates to which the turn signals are attached (4 Torx screws per side) and let the side plate/turn signal assembly dangle there.

  4. Unscrew 2 small black plastic screws near the top of the black plastic housing. These may pull out with the anchors attached (no big deal).

  5. Pull the front part of the plastic black housing toward you to gain access behind it.

  6. Pry-out the metal nut clip located at the lower screw hole in the plastic black housing.

  7. Slip the new metal nut clip (supplied with the Dakar shield) on to the black metal V-brace (supplied with the Dakar shield) over the hole. The flat side of the nut clip should be on the convex surface of the V-brace.

  8. Slip the V-brace with nut clip down into and behind the plastic black housing until the nut clip is centered and exposed in the notch where the old nut clip was.

  9. Replace the two small plastic screws at the top of the housing. Don't spare the four letter words since the anchors go into a flimsy plastic tab.

  10. Place the U-shaped plastic spacer (supplied with the Dakar shield) on to the front of the housing and line-up the 3 screw holes.

  11. Place the Dakar shield on to the spacer and put the lower screw in and hand tighten.

  12. Manipulate the shield, spacer and housing to line up the two top holes. Put in the long Torx screws (supplied with the Dakar shield). Tighten all 3 screws, but be careful not to over tighten and crack the shield. Loctite (removable type) would be good to use on the screw threads in this case.

  13. Replace the turns signal/side plate assemblies. Check the 3 Torx screws often as they may become loose because you did not have any Loctite around.

Warning: The V brace MUST go on beneath the original *black* plastic, not the grey cover. It's designed to spread the load of the effort exerted on the bottom of the screen over a wider area that just one bolt hole. If you push the top of the screen back with your hand quite hard, which is what the wind does at high speed, then you will notice that the bottom of the screen pulls the plastic forward, which could possibly tear out the hole at high speed unless the V brace is placed correctly, to spread that load. It should be clear in the instructions that come with the kit. You are taking a risk if it’s not installed correctly. Trevor #999

Here are the part numbers and prices Rymo #876 paid from his invoices for the following from Foothills BMW in Lakewood, Colorado USA:

Dakar Windshield

46 63 7 657 922 1 Support Plate $9.79
71 60 7 653 849 1 Bracket $18.29
06 32 7 659 725 2 Screw Oval M5X35 $3.29
46 63 2 325 999 1 Screw $0.95
61 13 1 372 033 1 Clip Nut $1.79
46 63 7 655 720 1 Windshield $135.29

Hand Protector Kit
71 60 7 653 855 Hand Protector Kit $45.50

And.....if your GS windscreen attachment fails i.e.

BradG noted one of the nuts that secures the top of the screen had popped loose from its mount. They are welded to a tab on a small frame under the instrument console Those nuts are lightly tack welded to the rear of the structure. I popped one off with a few smacks from a hammer and drift, but had to drill the other out when I made my screen mods. I then drilled out the holes to about 9mm and replaced the nuts with flexible rubber-sleeved nuts. This allowed me to mount the screen at a more vertical angle because the new nuts are flexible in their direction of fastening, whereas the original nuts had no flexibility. For more on Wellnuts and this fix see the Wellnuts FAQ.

Adamx UK had the same problem. (the dealers had accidentally missed out the u shaped plastic thingy that goes behind the screen so the bolt didn't align correctly). I used super glue to hold the nut in place till the friction got to be enough to hold it on properly. Bloody bad design IMHO. If it didn't require taking the whole front end of the bike to bits I'd have stripped the bracket out and spot welded that nut on properly. The original looked to me to have cold-lapped on one of the two tiny welds, but I couldn't find it in myself to go to BMW and warranty hassle for a fix.

GS Screen Gallery
For more information on reducing Wind Buffeting see the Buffeting & Screens FAQ (Classic F only at present)

GIVI with Saeng Edging and Saeng Winglets
from Shelley #798

GIVI Screen
from GIVI website

Ermax with Saeng Edging and Saeng Winglets
from Shelley #798

ERMAX Windshield w/ Saeng 3pc Winglets & Mirrors Bent Down
Kevin #1092

Ermax on the GS

Codewheeney #1418 His Ermax review

BMW Tall Screen with & without the Silver Plate
Docc in Austin - '02GSA #1249

When I got my bike from the dealer after having them install the tall windshield kit (which is the same as the one in the catalog) they didn't leave the silver basic windscreen on. So I took pictures of my bike without and with the silver screen.

Adjustable Stock BMW High Screen
by Trevor George #999

Slipstreamer 3 Barn Door Modified Screen
by Rando

Got tired of getting beat to crap by my inadequate Dakar Windscreen so a six pack and a couple of hours and I finally have a solution. Below are pictures of almost finished screen. I am 6'4 and no longer have to wear earplugs due to the quiet zone behind this screen. Took it up to 85 and she held true. There isn't much to bolt onto on the front end but the mounts hooked to the turned signals seemed to be strong enough to do the job.

It is 21 inches tall from the center of the bottom mounting screw.

I used a Slipstreamer 3 Barn Door as a starting point and got out the beer and jig saw and went at it. I got the windshield when I bought one of my vintage Honda's and had it sitting wrapped in a blanket over the shop all but forgotten.

Still in excellent shape with very few scratches. The hardware is off another shield I had mounted on my Nighthawk. The Slipstreamer 3 is $115.00 on the internet. I rode about 100 miles this evening and did a check of all the mounts and fairing and there were no problems found.

I would be hesitant to put any stress on the turn signals. On the classic f (and I THINK they're the same) they are designed to break away by allowing the mounting screw to be pulled through the plastic, which basically just tears. If you bounce it around enough off-road, hopefully you won't weaken the stalk mounting point enough to where it starts to tear away. If you decide you like it, you may want to look into some kind of mounting point on the side of the front fairing that still allows you to remove it when desired. If you drop your bike while on your trip, you don't want to lose your screen just because you broke a turn signal. Mark #403

Looks you've done a great job! Now for the rest of us the challenge is to find the applicable Slipstreamer to build this from. Beer is not so much the problem here in Heineken country. Looking at I guess the Touring S-08 sport screen is the one that might do the job? Also, can you give me the tanktop-to-screentop distance? Measured with a ruler straight up, so only the vertical distance, from the top of the (fake) tank to the top of the screen. From your pictures I'd say that must be about 21" as well. That's about 3" more than the Ermax buffeting screen (see my comparison elsewhere on this board). In fact, your screen follows the same curve as the tall BMW screen, except that it is much taller and wider. Be careful with the turning lights because they do break easily. Might be a better option to mount these rods on an extension of one of the screws, similar as done by Trevor. Will take another sixpack. Cheers, Pazzo.

The distance from the top of the faux tank to the top lip of the shield is 20". I am going to space it a bit to move it forward and get 21" if I can do it easily without putting further stress on the turn signals. Rando

Adjustable F650GS Screen
by Pazzo

Adjustable Windscreen Mod

Modified OEM Screen
by Jack in OZ

Today I did my intended screen mod to hopefully fix the buffeting from my Dakar screen. Well......I am happy with the result :-)

The Short Version:

More Detail:


Bert #1131



  with 6' rider


mspeed #1023


Parabellum extra-tall     with 6' 2" rider





Close-up of mounts from DaveS



Bert's Wunderlich Screen (Touring Shield)
BMW Santa Cruz/Wunderlich Site



Wunderlich Ergo


Screen Comparisons

Vertical Screen Height Question: Some More Comparisons

Tony #1967 Posed the Question

I would like to know the vertical distance from the top of the (fake) fuel tank to the top of various aftermarket screens. I'm currently using the BMW "High Windshield". It's too low for me—a big stream of noisy air hits the bottom of my helmet. I'm 6' 3", and I have the BMW high seat—low flying aircraft beware! An increase in screen height of about 5 inches (13 centimetres) should be OK. (I tested this by holding my hand above the screen). I figured that measurements taken from tank to screen top would provide a reasonable basis for comparison. I appreciate that the angle at which any screen leans back will also affect airflow, but at least I would have a rough idea.

And Various Riders Provided Answers

Screen Opinions


Grey Windshield

BMW Tall Screen

Cee Bailey's

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And in the UK: ErmaxUK
Be forewarned, Frog Specialties has the worst website known to mankind. A phone call to them is a safer bet. passthegravy