Throttle Rocker / Cruise Control FAQ

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A Throttle Rocker is a device attached to the Throttle which helps keep your wrist from getting sore on long trips. A Cruise Control is a device that can be used to hold the throttle open. There are pros and cons to the use of these devices, and different people like different devices (no doubt there is also healthy debate over these definitions!).

Are there any drawbacks? Sure: You do not want to be using it around town because you will not have the "feel" of the throttle (which is important in situations where the environment changes very quickly). And you do not want the device to get stuck in the on position.

Throttle Rocker Options


Throttle Meister

Throttle Rocker

The Throttle Rocker is no longer available. See the Throttle Rocker II and the Cramp Buster for alternatives.

Q. Anyone out there use a throttle rocker with BMW heated grips? My SO has one and I'm wondering how it work, particularly on long trips, and whether the rocker has caused any problems with the heating element in the grip.

Throttle Rocker II

Rantings and Ravings (by Flash #412)

I had a Throttle Rocker for a few years. The thing was just a single piece of plastic curved around into a sort of comma shape. You spread the "dot" of the comma (or circle of the number "9") and slipped it over your throttle side grip. It would GRAB the grip tighter when you used the palm of your hand to open the throttle. But if you got into town and wanted to rotate it out of the way, turning it in the close-throttle direction caused the "9" to open up and it would freely rotate. I LOVED that thing. A couple weeks ago, on a really cold day, it broke.

I ordered a new one online. They sent me a Throttle Rocker II. It is a total PIECE OF SHIZIT. First off, it uses a stupid length of "double velcro." Double velcro has thin lines of hooks parallel with thin lines of loops and will (mostly) stick to itself, as long as you don't get it just wrong when you stick it. TRII has two of those tiny metal spring loaded dealies like keep the watchband on your wrist watch. And of course there's the plastic piece. So now we have FOUR parts. Five if you count the fat rubber band it comes with in case it rotates freely on your throttle.

The first time I used it, I was trying to get it adjusted so that it would both stick when opening the throttle and slip to rotate it out of the way. The velcro popped loose at the opposite end, the "factory set" end and the thing fell off. I saw it go under a car in my mirror. Two u-turns later I had recovered it unscathed.

I had been riding with it for about two weeks and I HATED the thing. I want the ORIGINAL Throttle Rocker. I called the company (in Boulder Creek, CA) and got a recording. Then after a while some punk with the same voice as the recording picked up. I told him the problem and asked if they could sell me an original TR. He said that he was just the answering service (so why was HIS voice on the machine)? He said that they'd had patent issues and couldn't make the originals anymore. I asked if they could just SELL me one. He said he was just a service and to send an email. I did. No response. Punk company. Punk product. Used to be good. Not anymore. (Reminds me of BMW that way)

Cramp Buster

Universal (Kuryakyn) Throttle Boss

Vista Cruise


Tilt Cruise Control

Kaoko Throttle Lock

I am considering ordering a Kaoko throttle lock for my 05 GS. It looks like it might be easier to use when riding with heavy gloves due to the large grooves on the locking nut. Does anyone have any experience with this unit? How does it compare to the Throttlemeister? The Throttlemeister seems to be a heavier unit and it might help reduce handlebar vibrations. Can anyone comment on that? Green Bean

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