BMW F650 Ė Parts that Go Rusty.


by Kristian #562
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If you live in Hong Kong, like I do, a garage costs as much as an apartment. Itís not that Iím sloppy or donít take care of my stuff, but itís a 1996 bike and itís lived outside most of itís life. I donít like what the weather does to it and I protect it as much as I can, but my Bike lives outside under a cover and I pay the consequences.



Bar End Weights

Ignition Wire Cover Plate

Front Brake Reservoir Cover

Paint Flakes off Footpegs (1996) 

Centrestand Foot

Centrestand Crossbar

Gas Filler Gas Filler Cap

Pitted Rims (No Photo, however many replaced under warranty)


Cheers & Rgds