Snorkels & Organ Pipes

compiled & edited by Kristian #562
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by Kristian #562



On the Pre-GS F, the Snorkel is the rubber Air Intake "Funnel" located on the RHS of the Bike to the rear of the Airbox, in front of the Coolant Reservoir. You need to take off your RHS Side panel to access it. It looks like this:


Intake Snorkel


There is also an intake modification you can do on the pre-2000 F650GS, by letting more air flow into the Airbox via a couple of holes in the TOP of the Airbox. It only makes sense if you have an aftermarket pipe, because thereís not point in letting more air in if you canít get it out the pipe fast enough.


The remnants of holes used on pre-97 F's can be seen by lifting the Seat and at the rear of the Airbox (on top), behind where you'd expect the filter to be are two circular depressions. These are actually plastic (non-removable) plugs leading to two different length vertical tubes (hence the name "Organ Pipes") leading into the Filter Chamber. I believe the different lengths were to do with airflow or something but don't really know for sure.The pipe can also be viewed when removing the filter and looking inside.


Anyway, with a freer flowing pipe, you can let more AIR into the system by CAREFULLY drilling the plugs out. If you want to drill them out and leave the pipes IN PLACE start smaller than the outer limits of the depression, about 23mm. Otherwise if you drill a BIG hole you will also take out the pipes, not that I think itís a problem, but perhaps they made them that way for noise or airflow requirements.


This will LEAN the whole system out, so I would NOT recommend it without rejetting. Rejetting can be a PITA so think carefully.! It will also suck your Mileage. If you're happy with it as it is leave it be.!


Hereís a view from the TOP. Organ Pipe Locations. I drilled mine out, but am currently experimenting with blocking one for fine-tuning my jetting.



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