Oil Hoses FAQ

by Flash #412, Kristian #562 & HsN
compiled & edited by Kristian #562
Edited by Winter, 29 December 2005
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29 December 2005

Q. I want to replace my Oil Hoses. Can I use generic Hydraulic Hoses?

A. Yes, Except, If you are replacing your oil hoses, if you are not using OEM replacement hoses, be aware that the hose between the frame oil tank intake strainer and the oil pump in the engine should be a slightly higher grade of hose, rated to resist crushing under vacuum and should include the long coiled reinforcement spring that may be located inside the OEM hose.

Q. Why can't I get the Stock Hose Clamps back on?

Q. What Hoses Do I need?

by NewMexEd

Ok, so I've replaced all of my hoses...I think:

Q. Where the Flibbity Flu does the SPRING go that I bought knowing I would need, but never actually found where it goes...

Part number 11 41 2 345 137 is item number 13 on drawing number 11_1864. It appears to go either around or else inside the lower end of the hose running from the frame/tank fitting (where the screen you don't ever have to clean lives) down to the motor. Does it look to you like it would fit INSIDE the hose? Neither of my bikes have one on the outside of the hose. I'd say it is to keep the hose from kinking shut and starving the bike for oil.