The Mirrors FAQ

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-The Classic (Stock) F Mirrors have a 12mm Stalk which is clamped into a housing. The clamp-housing is screwed into a Standard 10mm Mounting.

-The GS/Dakar Mirrors have a 10mm Stalk, and a 10mm Mounting.


Classic Mirror Problems


Most of the Problems with the Classic Mirrors involve either Buffeting, Vibration or if you have an ST, clashing with the Fairing. As the Problem is not isolated to the MIRRORS, refer also the Classic Buffeting FAQ. Solutions thus far are 1150GS Mirrors, Ducati Monster Mirrors and KTM Mirrors. The F650GS Mirrors can NOT be easily put on the Classic, and why you would want them anyway, with their reputation for folding back, is anyone's guess.


Classic Mirror Solutions:

Classic Buffeting : Mirror Replacements



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BMW 1150GS Mirrors

Ducati Monster Mirrors



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GS/Dakar Mirror Problems


GS/Dakar Mirrors Bending Back

GS/Dakar Mirror Solutions


Aftermarket Mirrors

Bikemaster Folding Mirrors

BMW F650 CS Mirrors?

Can I Put Classic Mirrors on the F650GS? What about R-GS Mirrors?

Kawasaki Mirrors?

Universal Replacement Mirrors

Adjusting the OEM Mirrors

Glue/Duct Tape/Permatex Solutions

Mirror Glass Replacement