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October '01

Flash #412

Revue Moto Technique No.96 Janvier/Fevrier 1995 published by E.T.A.I. 96 rue de Paris, 92100 Boulogne Billancourt FRANCE.  The sales department is at Librarie TRAME, 62 bd Jean-Jaures 92100 Boulogne Billancourt FRANCE. There is some small print that says E.T.A.I. 11/94 and CIP 961 on or near the spine. I recall that they cost about FFr 100-120, depending on where you get them.

This is a paperback book series that comes out every other month. Each issue covers several bikes. Issue 96 includes Yamaha DT125R '93-'95, DT125RE '89-'95 and TDR125 '93-'95 as well as BMW F650 '94-'95.

Since there were essentially no changes between '94 and '00 or between the Funduro and the ST other than styling and some minor stuff, the manual is comprehensive, if you can find one and if you can deal with French.

Not only does it have the requisite tear down, but features some very interesting photographs and drawings. There is a photo of women building motors in the Rotax engine assembly plant and a few of the bikes being assembled in the Aprilia plant. Three are also some styling exercise pencil sketches.

They tear the motor completely apart, as is demonstrated by some photos which are clearly NOT from the factory manual. There is an original schematic (which has several errors in it). There is a maintenance chart which refers you to a page where each item is detailed in the manner of FORMER BMW manuals. Some BMW parts layouts are included. There is a mechanical drawing detailing how to make the crank-holder bolt and another of the alternator puller set. (Note: BMW gets about seventy cents U.S. for the bolt and less than US$20 for the puller set. These are the only F650-unique tools required to maintain this machine.) It has some good trouble-shooting tips for the electrics. Unlike the Official BMW manual, this is easy to use with things like torque specs in-line with the text telling you to do whatever it is.

In short, Moto Revue is top-notch, right up there (maybe even above) Haynes. I keep it handy even though I now have the BMW manual, too.

Shortly after posing this, Jean #636 noted that this manual is no longer in print. C'est la vie!

There is, however, a lower cost alternative to the US$110 BMW workshop manual.  Get the micro-fiche version of the same manual for about $30 or so.  You can print pages as you need them in most public or university libraries.  Many large corporations also have microfiche reader/printers.  If you're lucky enough to have that as a perk, go for it.

GERMAN MANUAL Reparaturanleitung BMW F650 (1993-2000)
Publisher: Bucheli Verlag (ISBN 3-7168-1898-4), in German.  Available from Approx. 23 Euros @ July '02. (Used from EURO 18,24).

Such a beast exists, indeed, alas only in German (eat your hearts out, you non-speakers of God's own language!). Here is the data: Reparaturanleitung, BMW F650 ab Baujahr 1993; published by Bucheli Verlag, Zug, Schweiz. Band 5188. Available in Germany: Motorbuch-Verlag . D-70032 Stuttgart Olgastrasse 86 . Postfach 10 37 43. I have a copy; it is excellent, both text and pictures and electrical diagram. If you can read Krautish: get it. Werner #547

GERMAN MANUAL Reparaturanleitung BMW F650GS (2000- )
Publisher: Bucheli Verlag (ISBN 3-7168-2020-2), in German. 80 Seiten. Available from Approx. 23 Euros @ July '02.

GERMAN MANUAL Hans König (1993-2000)
Publisher: Editions Schneider Text (ISBN 2-911870-02-6), in German.
König, Hans: BMW F 650 /ST 650. Alle Varianten der Einzylinder- Reihe seit 1993. Technik, Wartung, Reparatur. 27 Seiten Extrateil: Tuning, Zubehör, Tips zum Gebrauchtkauf, Modellgeschichte. ( Edition Schneider Text). 128 S. DM 24.80
Available from:

ENGLISH Clymer BMW: F650: 1994-2000
Publisher: Clymer Publications; ISBN: 0892878029; (June 2001), in English.,
List Price @ July '02 US$30 from Clymer, US$21 from Amazon.

See also the Clymer Typos FAQ for Corrections !

by Claude #312

Given that we see Flash on the list every day he is not touring the world for his job, and also the good stuff on his web site, I ordered his book to see what a lot of his writing would be like. The answer is it was very good.

As Mole really said, "Nothing is half so much worth doing as simply messing around with motorcycles," and Flash has done a lot of it in some very interesting ways. Side cars, old BMWs, F650 in France, buying and selling parts in huge quantities, etc, etc. Things we all wish we had the time to do.

Anyway, get his book; its a good read. Order it from his web site and save a buck or two. He even spelled my name correctly when he autographed it.

Other Books


Chain Gang Readers’ List

Gerry, #951

December '01


Sometimes, our riding is limited by weather, work, family or other excellent reasons.  Why not pick up a good book and relax?

A recent note to the board at brought forth several good suggestions for armchair adventurers. 

Two of the suggestions were those authored by the Chain Gang’s own Werner Bausenhart.


The prices, except for Werner’s, are quoted from Amazon.


Categories are as follows:

If you’ve read anything interesting, drop me a line and we’ll get it added to the list.
Cheers, Gerry, #951,


Riding Techniques:


Title Author Recent Price
Proficient Motorcycling David L. Hough $17.46
Street Strategies David L. Hough $13.96
A Twist of the Wrist II: The Basics of High-Performance Motorcycle Riding Keith Code $13.96
Pro Motocross and Off-Road Motorcycle Riding Techniques, New Ed. (CyclePro) Donnie Bales, Gary Semics $17.47










Title Author Recent Price

Motorcycles : Fundamentals, Service, and Repair

Bruce A. Johns $48.00

German Handbook on the F650 (in German)

publisher Bucheli Verlag

Motorcycle Workshop Practice Manual

Haynes $16-$17

Motorcycle Fuel Systems Techbook

Haynes $16-$17

Chilton's Motorcycle Handbook (350 pages)








Adventures and Planning Rides:


Title Author Recent Price

Adventure Motorcycling Handbook

Chris Scott $13.96

Motorcycle Journeys Through Baja

Clement Salvadori $13.96

Motorcycle Diaries : A Journey Around South America

Ann Wright (Translator), Ernesto Che Guevara $12.00

Jupiter's Travels : Four Years Around the World on a Triumph

Ted Simon (Paperback) $19.95

8 Around the Americas on a Motorcycle

Werner Bausenhart** $20.00

Into the Den of the Bear and the Lair of the Dragon on a Motorcycle

Werner Bausenhart** $20.00





** Werner is a Chain Gang member and these can be ordered from him via OR

General Books about Motorcycles and Life:


Title Author Recent Price

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values

Robert M. Pirsig $7.99

Gathering Speed - Tales of Motorcycles and Life

David A. Braun
aka Flash


** Flash is a Chain Gang member and his book can be ordered via

F650 Service Training Manual

This item crops up on eBay from tine to time and is clearly not the same manual that we have. It's got some pretty pictures too (first try on picture linking; hope it works). Mason #631

Pegasus Manuals that Could be used?

General Book Feedback

BMW OEM Printed Manuals & CD-ROMS

Aha, you're thinking, here it is! Well, sorry it's not. If you want this site to continue working, the FAQs to continue, then please understand we cannot violate BMW copyright.

The BMW Manual on CD or in Print is expensive. Is it any good? See the Opinions below. Maybe you can find it on the Internet somewhere. Please don't post it to the Messageboard if you do find it.


Classic: Printed Manual Only, or Microfiches ( )

GS: The early edition of the manual for the GS is 28 Mb. The new one was 48 Mb and covered the GS Dakar only, not the GS. The differences is not many, only front and rear forks, but the oil quantities and other small info was just for the Dakar! The "part" number for the CS ( there might be updates/ modified ones) was, March 2002: 01 790 142 217 (01-11-2001 edition)

GS/GS Dakar. The part number for the GS/ GS Dakar, ( maybe updated later) was, March 2002: 01 790 027 923 (no date given) The GS one just came in one edition and was filled with a lot of errors. I guess it was replaced by the GS/GSD edition. The part numbers given is for the manual on CD, multi lingual. (I know the printed editions cost nearly twice the price of the CDs and they are overpriced as it is. BE WARNED: the "Electrical diagrams" are NOT included on the "older" CDs. ( I do not know if they are included on the modified editions, but do not believe they are). You have to get that printed book separately and pay for it. Haakon#626 (Norway,12-1999- F650GS). Haakon#626. Electrical Diagrams (reworked) are here: GS Documentation