Torque Tables for BMW F650 (Not GS)   * HIGHLY Recommended, to avoid Stripping Thread  
All values are in Nm. 100 Nm equals 73.76 ft.lbs.   DISCLAIMER: WHILE EVERY EFFORT HAS BEEN MADE TO   
*1 = Loctite 243   USE THESE AT YOUR OWN RISK!  
*2 = Loctite 648     You are also advised to buy the ($$$) BMW Maintenance Manual  
ENGINE Torque (N.m)   FRONT WHEEL FORK Torque (N.m)
Freewheel 10   Screw plug 25
Oil pump cover *1 6   Fork Oil drain plug 6
Screw connection on engine housing 10   Securing screw for damper 25
Double drive gear on crankshaft *1 180   Clamping screw, top of fork bridge 25
Coupling member *1 140   Clamping screw, bottom of fork bridge 25
Pressure plate 10   Slotted nut Free of play
Clutch cover 10   Locknut (Chain Gang recommends Blue Loctite) 40
Magnetabe *1 180   STEERING  
Sensor 6   Clamping screw to multi-function switch 5
Ignition cover 8   Clamping screws to clutch fitting 12
Cylinder 10   Clamping screws to brake fitting 12
Collar nut, cylinder head 50   Brake line 7
Collar screws, cylinder head 30   Clamping screws to handlebar mount 25
Fillster head screws (chain shaft) 10   Nuts to handlebar mount 10
Camshaft carrier 10   Locknuts to handlebar mount 50
Sprocket wheels on camshaft *2 50   Slotted nut Free of play
Chain guide on camshaft carrier *1 10   Locknut (Chain Gang recommends Blue Loctite) 40
Screw connection on chain tensioner 40   Clamping screws to fork bridge 25
Valve cover 10   REAR WHEEL DRIVE  
Fillster head screw (bore for locating pin) 24   Spring strut to frame 50
Retaining valve 24   Spring strut to deflection lever 30
Oil filter cover 10   Adjustment device to frame 25
Drain plug, oil tank 10   Swinging-fork pivot 100
Oil pressure valve 24   Tension strut to swinging fork 50
Oil retaining ring 24   Tension strut to deflection lever 80
Drain plug, engine ( But use 20-25 Nm * ) 40   Deflection lever to frame 50
Magnetabe *1 180   Air line to support bracket 2
Magnetic wheel on hub *2 10   Brake support bracket to sliding tube 50
Freewheel cover on hub *2 10   Brake line to calliper 7
Sensor 6   Brake hose to handbrake cylinder 7
Engine housing cover, right 10   Brake line to foot brake cylinder 7
CARBURETTOR     Brake disc to front wheel 12
Intake connection on cylinder head 10   Brake disc to rear wheel 12
RADIATOR     Foot brake pedal to frame 25
Engine housing cover, left of engine housing 10   Foot brake cylinder to frame 12
Cover for water pump 10   Locknut, adjusting screw foot brake cylinder 12
Thermostat housing on cylinder 6   WHEELS AND TIRES  
Thermostat cover 6   Clamping screws, front half axle 12
Temperature sensor in thermostat cover 15   Screw fitting, front half axle 80
Thermoswitch in thermostat housing 35   Screw fitting, rear half axle 100
Cover on silencer 12   License plate bracket on frame 5
Exhaust manifold on cylinder head 10   Rear mudguard on frame 7
CLUTCH     Governor on rear mudflap 5
Coupling member *1 140   Trim support bracket to frame 12
Pressure plate 10   Prop stand 10
Engine housing cover, left 10   Locknut on propstand 25
Cover for chain pinion 5   Retaining screw on ignition lock 25
Chain sprocket to chain sprocket support bracket 25   Tear-off screw To tear point
Hexagon nut 100   Retaining screws on saddle lock 12
Roller to brake lever 25   INSTRUMENTS  
Roller to frame 25   Instrument cluster on fairing bracket 8
Refer the Vibrations FAQ for Frame/Engine Mounting Bolt Torques
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