F650 Clock FAQ

compiled & edited by Kristian #562
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Last updated: 15 April 2006, Winter #1935

Clock Setting

by CG Members

Q. I've read the instructions in the manual but still can't figure this one out. Can someone shed some light on this for me?

A. If you are looking for information on why the clock keeps spinning around on its own, see the Crazy Clock Syndrome.

Otherwise here’s a few tips from various people: When they talk about the clock they mean UNDER the fairing, on the BACK face (end) of the clock, behind the dashboard.

Crazy Clock Syndrome


Have you been riding in the rain for a while and looked down to see your clock whirling around? Or, have seen it go whirling around after you cleaned every square inch or millimeter of your F650. Well fear not, as soon as the water between the setting prong and the switch dries out, it will be okay. But if hasn't been wet and you see this happening, do see your dealer.

GS Clock Lost Power?

Raymo #1173, Chicago, 2001 F650GSA

Electronic clocks have a heartbeat called an oscillator. It's the electronic equivalent of the tic-toc sound from mechanical clocks.

Water can cause the oscillator to stop oscillating, which freeze a time for the clock. After the water evaporated, the clock restarts from where it left off. If power had been interrupted to the clock, it would have reset to 0:00 (remember VCRs flashing "12:00"?). Therefore, if it doesn't reset, the power has not been interrupted.

I had a similar experience with a handheld GPS. It was in the rain for a few hours. It started acting funky, then it just shutdown. (BTW, the manufacturer says it's waterproof. And it probably was until I opened it to explore!) Later it came back to life, but the internal clock was slow by a few hours.

I've had my bike in heavy rain many times without any clock problems. If it reoccurs it may be there's a seal or gasket that isn't doing it's job properly. If this happened on my bike, it wait to see if it happened again - then take it to the dealer.

If your clock has lost power (i.e. it resets to 0:00), check your fuses to ensure none are blown.

GS Clock Continually Changes

I tried to change the timesettings on the clock on my F650GS-03. (we just change from winter to summer time here in sweden now). With egnition off I pushed the adjusting knob (hour) with a pen..Nothing happened. I´d tried some more..same result. Then I gave up and switched the egnition on. WOW..the numbers showing the hours started spinning like crazy..!! And they never stopped while I drove for about 260km.. Did I really break something or is it possible to fix it myself? Jompa

My GS/Dakar/CS Clock is Slow/Fast

For the first two years of ownership, the clock on my Dakar has run five minutes fast. Now it is running 12 minutes SLOW. echo