CS/Scarver Lighting FAQ

Created by Harmon, 20 August 2006; Last change 24 August 2006, Guilty: Harmon
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What are the headlamp bulbs?

Light Type
Low beam headlamp H3 halogen bulb 12 V 55 W
High beam headlamp H1 halogen bulb 12 V 55 W

How do I change lowbeam bulb?

Is my low beam headlamp lense cracked?



If I buy it myself, what's it cost: My guess would be that the Headlight assembly (631 276 591 59) would currently (18 Nov 2003) cost about $267.44 not counting tax, etc. etc.

Low Beam chipping away:

Instrument Panel lights

My instrument panel light looks like it is burned out on my CS?

It probably is ...: See How do I change my instrument panel light on my CS?.

How do I change my instrument panel light on my CS?

To replace instrument cluster lights:

  1. Remove windscreen ( 4 screws ).
  2. Remove instrument surround ( 4 screws ) (silver-grey plastic over top of instruments) comes off toward rear of bike.
  3. Remove 3 jesus clips holding instrument support posts in. (Make sure you don't drop these into the body panels ... don't ask) Now you should be able to slide instrument panel out enough (towards back of bike) to get at rubber grommets of light(s) you want to change (shouldn't need to disconnect wiring harness plug since you're not pulling the instrument panel out of the bike).
  4. Pull out the rubber grommet of the light you want to change and the light will be in it. Instrument panel warning and illumination bulbs all appear to be same type bulb listed in Repair Manual Technical Data as W 5/1.2 - 12 V 1.2 W Here's where my knowledge gets a little sketchy as to what the exactly correct bulb to use is; however, what i used ... was GE Lighting GE 12V 37 37/BP2 package bar code: 43168 26480 2 bulbs for $1.97 in blister pack at Wal-Mart
  5. After swapping out lights you can verify it lights before plugging everything back (turn off before plugging everything back)

Installation is the reverse of removal.
Looking at the instrument panel from the back, the high beam indicator light is the topmost one to the left of center (right of top center post and left of screw).


Tail Light Wobbles when running? (Housing broken?)

If you notice that your rear taillight seems to be hopping up and down when your bike is running, it probably is. If you grab it and can move it so it flops up and down on one side, then one of the tabs that stick out (probably the RHS one) of the side of the housing is broken.

Unfortunately, there's no separate part number for the housing so (your dealer) will have to order and replace the whole assembly [pn 63212306803] which they SHOULD do as a "warrantee" item (in or out of warrantee)
if they don't, ask nicely
if they still don't, jump up and down and scream,
if they still don't, find another dealer.

or, you can fix it yourself by duct-taping the tab to the housing. That will make a better part than the original because there will be some flex between the tab and the housing ( instead of having two rigid tabs attached to a flexing sub-frame).