CS/Scarver Aftermarket Luggage FAQ

Compiled & edited by Jesse # 1583, standing on the shoulders of the people who made the Classic/GS FAQ's so incredible!, 1 December 2004; Last change 07 September 2006 , Guilty: Dinskeep
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Stuff Bay

BMW Tank Bag

The BMW tank bag seems to have been included with most CS' at time of sale. In a recent poll in the BB forum 28 out of 30 people responded that their CS came with the BMW bag. Not sure what the reason/explanation was for the two that did not come with the tank bag.

There seem to be two versions of the bag, differing in the off-bike carry strap. Some came with two straps to be used like a backpack, some came with a diagonal courier-style strap. Otherwise, they're pretty much the same. The bag has a draw-string cover and a zipper cover on top of that. The zipper cover has a map-size clear pocket on top of it.

General consensus on the BMW bag is that "it'll do", but could use some improvement. It's not terribly large and the drawstring cover gets in the way pretty easy. Most probably would not go out of their way to buy the bag if it hadn't come with the bike in the first place.

Marsee Tank Bag

High quality, expandable, bag made specifically for the CS.
General consensus is that this bag puts the stock BMW tank bag to shame!

from ziggyz and jesse #1583

Wunderlich Cover

Wunderlich makes a cover similar to the BMW cover. It is part number 8160535 at www.bmwsantacruz.com. Here is the text from their web site:

The F650 CS is certainly a unique motorcycle and the "Stuff Bay" offers many different options for the owner. The "Bay Cover" from Wunderlich gives you yet another option. This cover easily slips into place and stays on with a lockable latch, providing a secure place for small items. The styling is also changed with the addition of this part, especially when the grab rails are removed. The cover is made of a high quality silver ABS plastic. The finish of the plastic is so smooth that it does not require painting to look good. If you do want to paint it to match the rest of your bike, it can be painted.

Pictures from Wunderlich:

Opinions from forum members:

Wunderlich Rail Removal Kit

Wunderlich makes a rail removal kit to plug the holes left when you remove the rails around the stuffbay.

Pictures courtesey gothmom (with BMW stuffbay cover):

Opinions from forum members:

BMW Stuffbay Cover

BMW makes a lockable cover that is more streamlined than their Hard Case.

Pictures courtesey XPatriot (with Motopak tankbag):

BMW Hard Case

Part number 71607664649 as per bmw.ca

BMW calls the case lockable and water resistant

BMW Audio Box

Currently content free for your amusement.

BMW Helmet Spider

Theft Deterrent for when you leave your helmet in the stuff bay. Requires BMW lock assembly extra.

Luggage (Side / Top / Seat / Tail )

BMW System Cases

from CaroanBill

Hepco and Becker Side Cases

from Zeke

Wolfman Beta Bag

from Kreinke
Big, lots of straps for tie downs, good quality construction. No Pillion

Givi 450 Simply II Top Case

from shaneroy

with AUX Brake light

Givi E33 TopCase and E360 Side Cases

from Daver

BMW Soft Luggage (seat/tail bag)

Water resistant bags which zip together.
A strap is required to mount the bags under the seat but this strap must be ordered separately.
See Forums thread BMW Seat Bag Problem.

GS Softbags - they fit the CS and are black/grey. Pics of the Orange/Blue CS Soft Luggage are needed.

BMW Top Box

Currently content free for your amusement.

Krauser K5 TopCase and K4 Side Cases

from gator '02cs