G650X Fuel Tank FAQ

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Last Updated: 1 January 2008, by Winter #1935

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While the location of the fuel tank on the G650X models remains the same as the F650 fuel injected models (under the seat), the volume has been reduced by almost half! The F650 fuel injected models have 17.3L (15.5L in the US) and the G650X models have 9.5L (with a 2L reserve). There is only one fuel tank on the G650X models, as the emissions canister is mounted elsewhere on the G650X frame.

Service Bulletin: Replacing Wiring Set for Fuel Pump Unit

BMW Service Bulletin 16-001-07 (015) from April 2007 covers defective waring installed in the fuel-pump unit. This can result in your fuel pump failing. If your VIN number is later than those specified in the bulletin (see the Service Bulletins FAQ), the wiring should be correct. The defect is covered under the normal warranty.

According to BMW Atlanta on Advrider, the replacement is very easy to do, and only takes about 30mins maximum. It involves taking off the seat and removing the fuel pump assemply from the top of the fuel tank. BMW Atlanta also notes this is something your dealer should do.

Service Bulletin: Engine test run to check the fuel hose
BMW Service Bulletin 16-002-07 (029) from June 2007 covers potentially deffective fuel lines in early model G650X models. This problem usually presents in the first ride of the bike and affects early models up to at least March 2007, and possibly models up to June 2007. Further information is pending. To test if your bike has the problem, your deal should have run the engine at idle for at least 5 minutes before you purchased it. BMW is still working on the action they will take on this issue.

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