Torque Settings And Clearances

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The MAIN torque settings from the GS manual are:

GS Tightening torques:     (Thanks to Adam #1001 & Gerry #951)
Engine oil drain plug 40 Nm  
Engine water drain plug 10 Nm  
Oil tank drain plug 21 Nm  
Oil filter cap 10 Nm  
Valve cap 10 Nm  
Camshaft bracket 10 Nm  
Spark plug 20 Nm  
Telescopic fork oil drain plug 6 Nm  
Round nut, steering bearing 25 Nm  
Steering bearing locking tube 65 Nm  
Flanged nut on locking tube 65 Nm  
Fork stabilizer clamping screws 21 Nm  
Front quick-release axle 45 Nm Note the 10/99 GS Manual on CD-ROM says 80Nm for the Front quick-release axle. This is WRONG.
Clamping screws for front quick-release axle 21 Nm See the Front Wheel Removal FAQ. The 02/00 corrects the Front quick-release axle value to 45Nm.
Rear quick-release axle 100 Nm  
Brake caliper at fork slider tube 41 Nm  
Swinging arm bearings 100 Nm  
Deflection lever/frame 50 Nm  
Deflection lever/spring strut 47 Nm  
Deflection lever/tension strut 71 Nm  
Swinging fork/tension strut 41 Nm  
Cylinder head collar nuts 60 Nm  
Cylinder head collar screws 33 Nm  
Machine screws (chaincase) 10 Nm  
Camshaft mount 10 Nm  
Chain sprockets to camshaft 60 Nm (threads oiled)
Chainguide to camshaft mount 10 Nm (clean thread + LocTite 243)
Cylinder head cover 10 Nm  
Machine screw (hole for locating pin) 25Nm 25 Nm  
Cylinder head to frame 41Nm 41 Nm  
Cylinder head to frame adjusting sleeve -   (zero play, max .5)
Cylinder head to frame, locknut 100 Nm  

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