The Scottoiler FAQ for the Classic F (Final Draft)

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This is a complementary FAQ to the Installation instructions that are delivered with the Scottoiler. If you have lost the OEM instructions you can download them from Scottoiler. The Part numbers mentioned below refer to the picture on the last page in the Scottoiler instructions. This is not a step by step tutorial, but a collection of informative posts from the Chain Gang Messageboard. For some information on the installation of the Scottoiler for the GS/Dakar, refer GS Scottoiler.

Installation of Vacuum Damper Assembly (Part #4)

This refers to the classic F650, if you got a F650GS you should check out the installation instructions for the F650 GS Scottoiler FAQ for the vacuum connection. Comments & Opinions on the Scottoiler are in THIS FAQ however.

European model

US model

Installation of the Dispenser Assembly (Part # 18)

Mounting of the RMV (Part #1) and the HCR

Only the RMV (Universal Kit)

The RMV and HCR together (Touring Kit)

The RMV and HCR separately (Touring Kit)

Settings for the RMV

The recommended settings for the Scottoiler is 12 (drops/minutes) if the weather is good  higher settings if there is high levels of dust, sand, salt or heavy rain.



Problem: Help! I had to disconnect the plastic line that runs from the oil tank to the drip point at the chain. I've ran the bike, and the oil is not moving through the line. What do I need to do?
by Paul, Thomas849, Richard 424, r1speedyrider, James #523

  1. Let it run for an half hour or so, Perhaps flow will resume.

  2. Perhaps you kinked the line either disconnecting it or reconnecting it. Check for kinks. Check for blockage of some sort.

  3. Oil IS in the tank, right?

  4. Perhaps you have disturbed the vacuum connection and the tank isn't getting vacuum to operate the valve.

  5. Make sure the vacuum hose is in place on the left carb (sitting on bike) and that the tank isn't closed (Goes from 010 where 0 is closed and 10 is wide open (I run mine at about 2 ))

  6. Maybe the oil delivery line needs to be primed? (read the instructions that came with the kit) or turn the flow adjuster to max flow, go for a short ride and then check.

  7. Sounds like you've got an air bubble in your oil line after you reconnected your oil pipe. Try priming the line all the way through to get rid off the air or disconnect the oil piping again and blow all the oil out (save it back into your Scottoil bottle) and then prime it as per instructions, that way you know you've got no air in the pipe when the oil comes out the end of the oil line.

  8. Unless you've removed the evaporative canister from your USA model, both vacuum ports on the right carb are being used (one goes to the airbox and the other to the canister). You could splice into one of those lines, I guess, but I don't know if the level of vacuum would still be sufficient. Using the left carb avoids any question or problem.

Problem: I had to disconnect the tubing and lost my prime. Probably a REAL DUMB question, but how do you prime the system? [I can't find my "manual."] Thanks for any help... :?)
by Trevor #999, Andy Leeds #982

Alternative oils

Experience and Comments

The Loobman

Loobman Install#1

Drew #1322

I just finished my install of the Loobman. Attached are a few pics I captured during installation.


Loobman Install#2

OH Eric #1112

My Install was similar to the above except:


Alternative Chain Oilers

Experience & Comments on alternative chain oilers: