Personalising your F
compiled & edited by Kristian #562
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Retro Look
Don #173

Don has a unique F650. It has a "retro" look to it, reminiscent of Beemers decades ago. Don said that he tried several paint schemes before he settled on this one. When I first saw the bike on the 1998 Spring Breakout into Mexico's Copper Canyon, I did a double take. The pin stripping seems to give the bike a different look; it changes the appearance while accenting the contours of the body. That may seem odd, but that was and is my impression. An excellent job and a one-of-a-kind F650. Congratulations, Don!


If you have your F650 dressed to the "nines" or have done something special to it and want to let everyone take a look, send a copy via internet or US Post.

Make Your F650 Flaming Bright
Ken  #251

Been playing around with 3M reflective materials on the F650. My bike had been laid down on the right side, and had the right side panel and fender replaced. In the hurry to get the bike back the previous owner took it before the black plastic stick-ons were put on and sold the bike to me without them.

I had seen a product by Scotch 3M called "Scotchlite" that came in a plastic/vinyl material, in many different colours. Black was one of these colours and I thought it would make a good alternative to the OEM product because it reflects the light from headlights. I got the goods and replaced all the black vinyl on the bike. i.e.: side panels, fenders. I had some scrape leftover and about 6 months later I carved out the flames.

I checked out getting the flames made at a sign shop and they quoted me $500 for 50. That's $10 ea.

Not another Scratch !
Glen Metcalf

Glen Metcalf uses keep belt buckles from marring the gas tank. Click on the picture to the left for a larger image. These protectors are available from many fine mail order warehouses as well as your local dealers and come in many different styles and sizes.




Ashtray on a Motorbike

James (NZ)

It has been said that "there is nothing more useless than an ashtray on a MC". In the past I too have said the same.

There is a very good reason to have an ashtray on a bike! I ride off road and in the country a lot. Generally where I pull off
for a smoke there are no ashtrays. I try to be an eco-tourist where ever possible so stubbing ciggies out in the dirt is not my idea of eco. and carrying the buts about in my pocket makes my jacket even more smelly than usual.

When I was given a flip top portable ashtray I started to carry it with me on runs, usually in my pocket. Whilst this solved the problem of where to put my butts it did not reduce the stinky pocket syndrome much.

I have found Velcro really useful for attaching things to things in the past, so I stuck some Velcro to the top of my front brake fluid reservoir and to the bottom of the ashtray (this required a small rivet to make it stick). The now easily removable ashtray stays when it is supposed to (145kmph+ and bumpy off road).

My only problem at the moment is that the top is shiny and reflects in the sun. So I am looking for a round sticker to cover the top. This is why I have an ashtray on my bike.

I am also looking for other possible utilities which I can further the use of this Velcro.... any ideas?

Paint Jobs

This one looks good when "coming from behind the BMW propeller"