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You've got Oil seeping from SOMEWHERE behind the cylinder but you can't pin it down


Your Oil Light is on and you can't find any leaks and you HAVE enough Oil in the Bike...

The part cost about US$12. The BMW part number is 12 63 7 670 015 (I think) If I am not totally wrong I think I have had some bubbles in my oil also sometimes.

Note 1: If it happened just after an Oil Change or Regular Service Check the Oil Filter O-Ring FIRST.  Or it could be some remaining wasted oil from the previous oil change, try to clean everything and check if some new oil comes sprouting out. Don't Forget check your oil level to prevent engine damage. There is also the frame oil drain plug, just above the exhaust pipe in front of the bike, which could be leaking. If you're unlucky, it could be the threads where your sump plug goes (bottom of the engine) that are destroyed, it's a well known problem and there is a BMW "fix" for it. If you're just out your 6k service, go back and ask for repair. Thanks to Francois. See also the Oil Leaks FAQ.

Note 2: Before going off and replacing the Sensor check that it isn't just a bad contact between the sensor and the electrical cable, what is very common in this bike, and the same occurs frequently with the contact of the radiator fan, both with the same fasten connector type. With the motor stopped, you can disconnect the cable of the oil pressure sensor, put it in mass with a metallic part of the motor and with the contact key in the on position the light must be lit. If this were your case, clean the contact and the problem must be solved. Fede

Note 3: If the Oil Pressure Light Stays on even AFTER a sensor replacement/Loose wire check, have the actual oil pressure measured. The last thing you want is to run a low pressure for an extended period. (= engine rebuild). If you don't have a mechanical gauge, most shops will give you a quick check for little $$. (I'm assuming there's a place to port into the oil galley---I haven't had to look into this possibility on my f650). Nate. A fitting for a proper oil pressure gauge should be screwed into the place where the oil pressure sensor normally goes. This will either verify or eliminate whether the actual pressure is at issue. Flash #412

Note 4: The Oil-Pressure Switch Threads are M10 x 1 - Haakon #626 (Norway-F650GS), in case you have another source.


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Oil Pump Gear Problems?

by Flash 412

Q. How can one access the oil pumps - are they visible from the outside?
A. They are behind the clutch. Remove the clutch basket and you will see their drive gears.

Q. Has anyone had a oil pump failure?
A. Not of which I am aware. But oil pumps don't usually fail on their own. Usually, the motor runs out of oil and THEN the pump fails. The rotors or gears in them score from lack of lubrication. Although, OUR pumps are driven by plastic push-on gears.

Problem: I have a BMW F650 February 1994, with 36000 miles (more or less). I have a problem. I was going my holyday house. I stopped to buy something to eat and when I started again I heard a strange noise coming from the engine head. I checked and I found Oil was not circulating in my engine. I stopped immediately the bike and I carry it by a big car.  opened engine block and there I found one of the black plastic gears of the oil pump (the inferior one) out of its site inside the carter. At that moment I have bought both the plastic gears to replace them. The problem is: what could be the causes that have make possible this fact? In particular Id like to know if changing all this two gears is the correct solution. Waiting to have a your feedback A big hi, Mario Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy '94 F650, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.



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