Helmet FAQ
compiled & edited by Kristian #562
Please read the Disclaimer before attempting any work in this FAQ.

This FAQ is a bit of a Misnomer. We will NOT cover buying or fitting helmets. Having said that it must fit YOUR head (NOT loosely), be Comfortable and be DOT approved. MOST folks agree a Full face is better than an Open Face. You've only got one Jaw, if you're attached to it, stay that way. Lots of Websites & Magazines cover this Topic, often. Read as much as you can there, ask the Shop Assistant and read the Manufacturer's Recommendations. It's the most important piece of equipment you'll buy. it doesn't have to be the most expensive one, but it must be both Safe and Comfortable.

There are a couple of areas where we can help though:

Ear Plugs & Intercoms refer Intercom FAQ

Cleaning Your Helmet Inside

Flash's idea of sticking it in the Dishwasher when your wife is not looking works great. Lots of CG members have done it and swear by it.

Helmet Locks

The Classic comes with a bit of rubber-shrouded wire with a loop at each end, that you loop through the Helmet and under the seat to a little welded Hook. Pretty Cheesy. The GS/Dakar doesn't have one at all. Very Cheesy. So here are some alternatives:

Customizing it to make it fit your odd-shaped Head

Wouldn't a Helmet HUD be Cool?

Davidhpark, #711

Transporting Tips

Sun in your Eyes? Visor Tips

Helmet Odd 'n Ends