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What Does the GS Stand for and Where on Earth does the name "Funduro" come from?

G/S=Gelšnde (Terrain)/Strasse (Street). In 1986 that was changed to GS (without slash)=Gelšnde+Sport. Funduro=Fun+Enduro (to a marketing department Enduro, Moto-Cross and off-road riding on a standard bike are all the same :-) by Pelle

How much does my F weigh?

You can find the BMW spec sheet at. 2001_bmw_F650_dakar. The specific link is: F650.pdf. You'll find the weight listed there. by DHP #711

Motorcycle Consumer News listed the wet weight as 430 lbs. James #523

Motorcyclist magazine's '01 GS weighed in at 416 pounds dry and 442 pounds with a full tank of gas. (From their July 2000 road test.). Richard #230

What is normally covered by the BMW Warranty?

by Stuportech

This is always up to dealer and BMW but normally the following items are not covered unless failure is proven to because of bad part to start with. There are always exceptions. As a rule if it is a normal wear item it is not covered. I don't make BMW policy I just know what I see covered.

Standard Service Costs at BMW

600 Mile Service

OK, So What's involved? Not Much:
Classic is Similar to GS, Without the FI (Motronic), Fuel Filter & ABS Checks. BMW USED to do the Valve Check at this Service on Classics and EARLY GS's.
GS Maintenance Schedule (Note the Valve Check item in this Service has been specifically Removed by BMW)


I cannot for the life of me figure out why the 600 mile service on my F650GS is so expensive. I'm getting quotes between $320 and $350 (Northern California). Is this initial service not simply a glorified oil change and once-over of the bike? I'm looking at other places to take my business. Does anyone have thoughts on the ramifications this may have on my warranty? Should the mechanic I choose have 'factory authorization'? Does he or she have to be factory authorized?  '03 F650GS, San Francisco

How long can I leave the 600 Mile Service?

I have searched the FAQs and forums but have not found an answer to this question. Here I go showing my lack of mechanical knowledge AGAIN. My GS is due for the 600 mi service, but when I called to schedule an appt. there were no openings for 2 weeks. So my question is how far it is advisable to go over 600mi. Does it matter? Am I just paranoid? Any comments would be appreciated!! THANKS!! Black '03 650GSA, Southern Indiana, CG #1337.

For the 6000 Mile, 12000 Mile, Annual Services


Can BMW void my warranty if I choose to have work done elsewhere and can document it?

Does anyone know how to decode the VIN?

Take a look at