Clymer Typos, Errors, and Omissions FAQ

Compiled by Aleksander, with contributions by everyone (ahem)

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Last update January 2003


This FAQ lists the errors in Clymer BMW F650 1994-2000, 1st ed 2002. Errors for the purpose of this FAQ include only typographical errors, errors of fact, and omissions (only those omissions that lead to a misunderstanding of their procedure). There is no discussion of the Clymer procedures or of alternative solutions, and, as much as possible, there is no opinion or commentary. All you get here is a list of the errors and their correction. For loads more fantastic information on procedures for maintaining the bike, see the other FAQs.


This FAQ will not work unless you contribute when you spot an error, since not any one of us (hopefully) will ever need to implement all the procedures in the book. To contribute, post a note in the maintenance forum with the subject Clymer typo and the maintainer of this page will include it in the next update.


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Clymer vs. the FAQ

Both the Clymer and the FAQ are superb resources for getting to know your bike. Each has advantages, and each contains information not found in the other. The Clymer procedures and very comprehensive, have plenty of great pictures, and follow a superb, codified method of explication. But it generally omits background information which may help you understand your problem better. The FAQ contains plenty of background and reasons for doing things, which can be especially helpful to learners. It also contains a wealth of additional information, including alternative approaches, shortcuts, and helpful little extras (e.g. the TDC bolt is merely described as BMW part no 11 6 570; the FAQ tells you that you can make one in about five minutes).

Chapter 3: Lubrication, maintenance, and tune-up

Page Step Error Correction Contrib.
53 3 screw the dipstick/oil filler cap all the way into the oil tank insert the dipstick/oil filler cap into the tank without screwing it in Ugly Ol' Stan
80 Tab 4 Oil and filter change 22.1L (2.21 US qts/3.70 Imp pts) Oil and filter change 2.1L (2.21 US qts/3.70 Imp pts) Sean #1015

Chapter 6: Clutch

Page Step Error Correction Contrib.
182 Tab 1 Service limit stack all 7 Service limit stack all 7 with friction plates Aleksander

Chapter 9: Electrical system

Page Step Error Correction Contrib.
229 3 Disconnect the negative battery cable as described in this chapter. Disconnect the negative battery cable as described in this chapter. Disconnect the clock. Aleksander

Chapter 10: Cooling system

Page Step Error Correction Contrib.
262 n/a is mounted inside the right crankcase cover is mounted on the left engine cover Mike410

Many thanks to the contributors, and happy wrenching to all!