After Market Chain Accessories FAQ
compiled & edited by Kristian #562
Please read the Disclaimer before attempting any work in this FAQ.

Wudo Chain Guard

Richard #230

As with any project, be sure you have all tools necessary and a level of confidence in your work. Go slowly and always check and re-check.
The guard sells for about $180 and Richard recommends it for dusty or wet conditions, saying that it should help to make the sprockets and chain last longer.

  1. Remove all parts from the shipping bag and place as shown in picture to right of paragraph.

  2. Remove all stock chain guard and splash guard pieces; save all mounting bolts. See picture to right of paragraph.
    Install clip mounts on top run of WUDO inside guard and install between wheel and sprocket from the top, above the swingarm.

  3. Fasten u-bracket to the WUDO inside guard with 4 nuts and bolts supplied in package. Loosely install stock bolts to fasten u-bracket to the swing-arm at three locations just in front of the rear axle nut. Note: one bolt on the top side of the swingarm and two on the bottom edge of the swingarm. See photo to right of paragraph. 

  4. Remove right side chain adjusting bolt and discard. Install WUDO chain wwheel cover and WUDO adjusting bolt. Note: refer to picture #1 and picture #3.

  5. Insert clip nuts on cover and fasten to inside guard with the nuts supplied. Adjust chain carefully and check that chain does not rub on guard or hardware.

  6. Remove bolts holding u-brackets to swing arm and install stock splash guard assemblies over u-bracket using stock bolts. Tighten all bolts on left and right sides of swingarm. Drill two holes in upper run of stock chain guard to align with WUDO clip nuts on upper run of inside guard. Inset bolts supplied and tighten to fasten the top of the stock guard to the top of the WUDO inside guard. See photo to right of paragraph. Of course, check all your work; spin the wheel to check for clearances, etc. Test ride.


Scott's Sharkfin Install

Q. Anyone experienced problems installing the Scott's rear disc guard? It went on just fine until I tried to reinstall the rear tire. Now it seems that the rear disc cannot fit up into the slot machined in the Scott's guard because it is shifted sideways about 8mm. Perhaps I missed something, but I don't think a bigger hammer is going to fix this problem. The guard is very stout and looks great so I hate to take it back off.
A. You might have dropped the left side wheel spacer out and forgot to re-install it? Marty #436


Touratech Chain Guard